Write what you know?

One thing that I have always hated is being told that I should write what I know. I have never got what people who say this are trying to imply exactly. I get the idea behind it, you can better write something that you know a lot about rather than something you know nothing about but there is little that I know a lot about that I can write a compelling story about. Ok that might not be true but I like to write horror and there is little in my life that is overly horrifying, I mean I could write about my murdered family member but I don’t really like to talk about it so why would I write about it? I like writing science fiction but I can hardly make a compelling story about the fact that my ps4 keeps turning itself back on when I turn it off. Now people might say that a better writer could well take either of those scenarios and make a great story out of it and to them I say go ahead, I am not that writer and I shall not write that story. I would say that some of the best writers in human history have written some of the best loved tales by writing about things they didn’t know about. J. R. R. Tolkien probably didn’t know much about elves and dwarves and orks so he made that shit up and gave us the Lord of the Rings. Isaac Asimov probably didn’t know a whole lot about how robots think but he still wrote Do Robots dream of Electric Sheep? J. K. Rowling was probably not a world leading authority on wizards but she churned out a pretty good series in Harry Potter.

My point is that, in my opinion, the best works are written by people who are not writing what they know, and why can’t I? I don’t know very much about intergalactic spaceships that catch comets and melt them down for water for massive space colonies, that’s because they don’t exist, but that didn’t stop me writing 50,000 words on the damned thing for nanowrimo. Now you might say, surely that’s why its fiction writing, because it isn’t real, and I would reply EXACTLY! I am a fiction write, why on earth would I write anything I know? Real life is boring.

I would say another short post but seeing as my posts are all rather short I shall say another average length post from That Guy in the Goggles (that was my university moniker) but I shall leave you with this little tag line I have devised for my collection of horror short stories.

“A series of tales of misery and woe, but not of Juliet or her Romeo.”


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