Yet another short story.

I can’t help but feel really lazy for just posting my own short stories here rather than thinking of a topic to write about but there you go, here’s another one. Now I’m not sure why but the character of the woman in this story has strangley become a recuring one in a few other stories of mine and she seems a strange pick for such a role, maybe that just says something about me…


She was standing across from him on the dancefloor. Alone and seemingly uninterested in her surroundings, the darkness where he was standing made it easy to stare while the flashing lights lit her up like a model on a stage, her pale skin reflecting the light, making her glow a myriad of different colours. Blonde hair ran like a waterfall down past her slender shoulders. Her slim figure wrapped tightly in a small black dress that stopped at the top of thighs, fully showing off her long, smooth legs. Standing there she seemed like a centre piece for a town square, a statue to be marvelled at by all but somehow, despite everyone walking past, he seemed to be the only one paying her any attention. Everyone else seemed far too preoccupied in their own little world to see the beauty that stood amongst them, too busy moving to the inane music or trying their best to attract the attention of lesser catches. Moving about everyone seemed to turn to avoid touching her, making sure not to even brush her as they moved past. She was stood there solely for his attention, for his enticement.

A strobe light started, the bright lights turning everyone in the club to a flickering black and white movie, moving in stop motion to the droning beat that the DJ was playing. And in that moment she looked up, looked directly into his eyes and for just a moment they met each other’s stare, his eyes full of desire, full of lust, hers filled with realisation and a hint of fear. Then the strobe finished. He was cast back into the dark and she looked away. Casting quick glances about her she seemed to realise she was without any friends and as this realisation dawned she turned for the door.

He moves to follow her. He has been to this club so many times, every club in the city so many times, he knows how to move through them. He can skilfully dodge and weave through the crowds of intoxicated people. So many people complain about how full clubs can get but he has only ever found it to be easier that way. She on the other hand seems to be troubled by every single person. Although she never hits any of them, she has that much grace; she is stopping and starting every few steps. She was young though maybe younger than he first suspected, she moves like she has never been in a club before. Poor young thing, he almost feels sorry.

Moving as he does he beats her to the door and has to linger in a corner watching it for a moment as she catches up to him. She doesn’t see him as she leaves. Too hurried, glancing behind her as she goes. The doorman doesn’t even acknowledge her as she passes him, too busy is he checking the ID’s of all the new people desperate to enter the club. You wait a few moments before you leave after her. The doorman ignores him the same way he ignored her. He uses the pretence of standing to light a cigarette as an excuse to look up and down the street, looking for her and seeing her figure retreating away from town. This couldn’t’ be any more perfect.

He starts to walk after her, easily keeping pace with her and she walks down the street on unsteady legs. He isn’t sure if she had been drinking or was just unsure of the heels she was wearing. Drinking would be preferable but she was such a delicate little thing it hardly seemed to matter. She turned as she walked and, upon seeing him walking up behind her, she started walking faster. He increased her pace to keep up and start gaining ground on her. She started to stagger a bit more, rushing now where as he kept calm and started to close in, casually removing the cigarette from him mouth and casting it aside. There would be plenty of time for another later.

She turned a corner of the street, probably in some vague attempt to get away from him but only served to lead herself into darker streets as she dropped the small bag she had been carrying and started into a full run, her heels loudly clacking across the pavement. He followed her round the corner, standing on her bag as he broke into a gentle jog after her. She was slow in her heels and it didn’t take long for him to be right behind her. Her breath came in ragged gasps and every few steps there was a gentle sob, serving only to start his motor running more as he closed to a point where he could almost reach out and grab her.

At the last second she turned and ran down a dark alley that lead off the main street and into darkness. A darkness he knew there was no escape from save the way he was now blocking. She sprinted off into the dark but then he heard her trip and fall, hitting something metallic as she collapsed she let out a cry and a whimper before crawling out of sight. He stopped at the entrance to the alley. This was all too easy he thought. Casually pulling out his phone and turning on the light he started to move slowly after her, his free hand unzipping his fly, his penis already stiffening in anticipation.

He hardly need the light on his phone to tell where she had gone, she was crying loudly enough that he could have found her blind, the bright light only useful of illumination the path ahead so that he could avoid falling the same way she had. A fallen trash can in by the side of the alley was clearly what she had hit on her way down and just past that there was a large metal skip, behind which the girl sat, curled into a ball sobbing. As he rounded on her she whimpered and tried a last ditch effort to escape, trying to rush past him he easily grabbed her and threw her against the skip, dropping his phone in the process. She let out a whimper and sagged, all the air gone from her.

He wasted no time, placing one arm against her chest he ran his other up against her leg. She cried and tried to struggle free but he placed his hand across her mouth and forced her legs apart. She struggled and bit down on his hand. He grunted in pain and pulled his hand from her mouth before slamming it across her face. She was silent and slumped down as if unconscious. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up, only for all her hair to come away in his hand.

He looked down at the thing in his hand, it wasn’t a wig, it was far too real feeling for that and as he turned it over he felt something warm and sticky running down his wrist. By the light from his phone on the ground he could see it was red. Blood. He looked up when he heard a grunting sound and saw something that made his own blood chill. She was looking up at him, the top of her head a mess of blood running over an exposed skull, her eyes had sunken deep into her skull and turned as red as the blood now running down her pale face. Her mouth opened wide, revealing row upon row of thin jagged, needle like teeth that extended from black gums. Even as he watched he mouth opened wider and wider, inhumanly wide until, with the sound of tearing cardboard, her cheeks ripped open, spraying him with thick black blood that smelled of decay and rot, revealing even more teeth in a mouth that stretched from ear to ear.

He screamed and tried to back away but her hands were clamped around his wrists like steel vices and as he pulled her fingers seemed to stretch, still clamped firmly around his arms. Where she had been skinny before she was now only bone and skin, her tight black dress falling away from her to reveal a twisting mess of skeleton all too long and misplaced as tendrils started to slowly unravel from her hideous jaws and work their way towards him as if with a mind of their own. He tried to scream for help, for anything but knew that there was no one around who would hear him.

The next night a girl stood in the club. She was tall and blonde, a tight black dress clinging to her skinny figure. She seemed to be ignored by everyone in the club, seeming alone and lost. One boy across the dancefloor seemed to be watching her and as the lights flashed she looked up and met his gaze with a small smile.


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