It was Summer

Woo, more first drafts! This one is hot off the press, I literally finished writing it and uploaded it. Maybe one day i shall edit this but for now enjoy the rough draft, I quite like it for once.


It was summer, you just had to step outside and you could smell it on the air. The cool breeze brought with it the sweet smell of freshly bloomed flowers and the laughter of children as they played in the street. The little caule de sac was full of them, running back and forth with hose pipes and super soakers drenching each other and enjoying the sensation of the water, softening the heat from the sun. all the parents were gathered around the one house, the barbecue blazing away and emitting the smell of charcoal to compete with the flowers. There were smiles on everyone’s faces and nobody even looked twice as a car pulled up outside one house and a tall, handsome boy stepped out. He looked around and smiled at the scene, before bending low and pulling a bottle of wine from the back seat of his car.

Emily was sat alone in her house. She was looking across her living room at the TV but she didn’t even register that the TV itself wasn’t switched on. Her eyes were blank, deep in thought and when the doorbell rang she almost jumped out of her skin. Sheepishly she moved slowly to the hallway and stood staring at the front door, reluctant to open it until the doorbell rang again and she was forced into action. Tim was at the door, earlier than they had agreed but he had a huge smile on his face and as he walked into her home he gave her a peck on the cheek and offered her the bottle of wine. Emily declined the drink and lead him through to the living room where she sat down on the settee and he sat beside her, wrapping one arm over her shoulders and pulling her in close.

‘So how have you been Em’s? I didn’t think it would be so long for you to want to see me again.’

‘You’re early’ Emily replied. She tried to affect a smile and failed.

‘I couldn’t wait to see you again, you don’t look best pleased to see me.’ Replied Tim, his smile broadening.

‘I guess…’ started Emily, looking for something to reply with but finding nothing.

‘You OK Em’s? you’re a little slow today’

‘I’m fine just…thinking about something on the TV’

Tim turned to look at the blank screen of the television before turning back to Emily, confused.

‘I turned it off when you got here.’ replied Emily, trying again for a smile and this time managing a small one.

‘Well what was it about’

‘Oh…nothing really’

There was silence for a minutes before Tim spoke up

‘Well I hope you didn’t invite me over just for small talk cos, to be frank, you suck at it Emily’

Then he leaned in close to her and pressed his mouth to hers. Emily pushed him away and but her persisted and pulled her closer.

‘Wait…no wait’ she managed to say and he finally let her go

‘What Em? This is why I’m here isn’t it?’

‘…how about that drink after all?’ she said, managing her small smile again

‘Good idea, maybe it’ll loosen you up a bit.’

Emily went to the kitchen with the bottle of wine and, making sure to take her time, grabbed two glasses from the shelf and poured two generous portions. She paused looking at the half empty bottle and then grabbed her glass and drained the contents in a few gulps before pouring herself another large portion, which she then drank some of before picking up the glasses and heading back to the living room.

Tim was lounging on the settee, making himself at home and when she entered he smiled at her again and took the offered drink. He had a sip from his glass and turned back to see that Emily had half finished her glass already. He smiled again

‘Either you’re really thirsty of you’re looking for some liquid courage Emily, what’s the matter? You worried?’

‘No I’m just…I’m not worried, maybe a little nervous.’

‘Nervous? But why? It’s not like it’s the first time. And you liked it so much last time, that’s why you invited me back, I know what you like’

And Tim pulled her close again, wrapping one arm around her and holding her tight as he kissed her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth. The other arm slowly moved down her back and settled on her arse, squeezing tightly. Emily tried to go with it, tried to enjoy it but it wasn’t long before she was pushing him off of her again. Or trying to. Tim’s grip on her refused to loosen and the harder she seemed to force it the harder he seemed to hold on. Emily tried to say something, to object again but it was hard with his tongue stuffed into her mouth and his weight slowly pressing down on her. In the end she had to bite down on him to get him to finally pull away.

‘Jesus what the fuck Emily? I know you enjoy it rough but fucking hell bitch’

‘I was trying to say…’ Emily panted out ‘Not here…’

‘Then where? You wanna go to the back of my car again?’ demanded Tim

‘No I mean…not up here, I can’t make a mess, let’s go downstairs’

Being interrupted had always been a pet peeve of Emily’s and even under the circumstances she felt her anger rising at Tim. In response Tim smiled stupidly at her, like a vast coin had just dropped for him.

‘Oh right, I get it, you wanna keep us secret then’ he said with a smirk

‘Yea, that’s right come on.’ Replied Emily and she stood, downed the rest of her drink and then, leading Tim by the hand, headed to the basement.

Emily’s basement was a basement in name alone. The wooden stairs down were clean and well-kept with a small red carpet that ran down the middle of them to help keep your footing. The room itself was clear and well-lit with three different lights and the floor, though uncovered was polished wood with plenty of space to move around. At one point Emily’s dad had wanted to make it into a recreation room and at the far end there was a projector screen pulled down on which he had planned to show movies but had never gotten round to it.

Emily grabbed a few rugs from a corner and lay them across the floor while Tim walked around examining the room.

‘Nice little place you have here, would be great for a man cave…’ he said as he turned back.

Emily was slowly unbuttoning her shirt and watching him and he smiled again as she exposed her bra.

‘Or maybe just a little love nest.’ He finished.

He smiled at Emily, knowing what was about to happen, she tried to smile back

‘Now we get down to the rough stuff’ he said, advancing on her

She backed away

‘No point in running, this happens now’ said Tim, lifting up his shirt.

He almost had his shirt over his head when the thing emerged from behind the projector screen.

It was big and grotesque, beyond describable as anything but a horror from some twisted imagination. One arm reached out and grabbed Tim by the top of the head as another wrapped round him and plunged long clawed fingers deep down his throat. Blood bubbled up and spilled on the floor and with hardly any effort the creature pulled Tim’s jaw away, throwing it to the floor by Emily’s feat and splattering her with blood. Then it moved its head around and sank it’s hellish jaws deep into the wound it had made. There was a gurgling sound and blood flowed like a waterfall down Tim’s chest and pooled on the floor. Finally the thing ripped its head free, bringing with it a chunk from Tim’s neck which it devoured in seconds.

Tim’s corpse dropped to the floor and the thing crouched low over it, moving it’s hand over the remnants of its face before looking up towards Emily. She backed into a wall and stared, terrified, unable to move and just stared back at the nightmarish scene that had just taken place in front of her.

‘Please…don’t hurt me’ she managed at last

The thing smiled.

‘Why would I hurt you?’ it replied, Tim’s voice issuing from its fiendish lips ‘You helped me, fed me, don’t you know you don’t bite the hand that feeds you?’

‘I’m so sorry…’ Emily stammered.

‘Sorry for this thing?’ the creature said, indicating to Tim’s body.

It bent low and clamped its mouth over one of Tim’s staring eyes in some disgusting parody of a kiss and when it pulled away more blood was oozing from its lips and Tim’s eye was gone.

‘This one had some horrendous intentions for you, but I think you knew that. It’s better this way.’

Emily didn’t know whether to run of throw up

‘don’t worry about the mess by the way, I’ll deal with it, I don’t want to miss a drop of this.


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