Hi Ho Silver Lining!

So I have been rather busy recently with other writing I have been doing as well as starting a new job but I did manage to get one piece done. With this I was trying to think of a way i could mess with peoples perceptions of characters by simply witholding details about the characters. i guess we’ll see if it worked or not.


My foot comes down hard in a puddle and I find it to be deeper than I had anticipated. I stagger forward and only just manage to prevent myself from going sprawling in the mud. Urging myself forward I slip again, this time in the mud and again narrowly manage to stay on my feet. I stop and steady myself, the water running freely over me. My insides are still twisted with panic, I keep asking myself where he is and I still have no answer. All I can do is struggle on, the mud clinging to my boots, sucking my feet down and trying to hold me back and trap me. The trees are far from close to each other, hardly a forest at all but in the dark they still prove hard to navigate. More than once I almost crash into a thick trunk or grot myself on a low branch.

I keep thinking to myself, where are the police? Why aren’t they here yet? And my stomach twists tighter again. I can’t think like that, they are on their way. My thoughts quickly rush back to him, where can he be? How fast was he moving? Can he know where I am? I curse my lack of exercise and swear to myself that I will cut all the fast food out of my diet, I’ll never drink again, I’ll be the most athletic person in the county. For now though all I can do is keep running, with every breath tearing at my chest, my legs feeling like shattered glass.

The wind is cold and bites with savage ferocity at my face and hands, my drenched shirt offering me all but no protection against its bitter cold. But then, on the edge of hearing, comes the sound of snapping branches. Something is moving off to my left. I change direction and keep running. The howling wind seems to try and mask the sound of crunching bark, all the elements seeming to conspire against me. I am making no effort to quiet my own footsteps, I can’t, all my mind is telling me to do is to move and move fast.

The sound of his movements is getting louder, getting closer and in my panic I trip over a root. This time there is no saving myself and with a colossal crash I slam into the ground. The sound of movement stops and all seems quiet. There is no sound of movement, the wind has stopped howling, even the rain seems to have silenced itself. I lie there, listening to my own ragged breath, I keep imagining the sound of sirens in the distance but again I banish the thought from my head. Slowly I start to crawl forward, not even daring to raise my belly from the ground. There was still no sound as I cautiously crept forward hoping against hope that I had not been seen by him.

Then I stopped, just ahead of me with his back facing me, he was crouched behind a tree. Clearly he was trying to conceal himself unaware that he was on the wrong side of it. There was still some blood on his shirt where it had stained before the rain could wash it away and I realised I had to act before he turned around. Lurching to me feet I rush forward. He turned and saw me, his face a mask of terror as I quickly crossed the few meters between us, raising the hatchet gripped tightly in my hand I brought it down hard, burying it in his head.

Blood burst everywhere and he fell to the ground without so much as a scream or a cry for mercy. It was not very satisfying but given the situation it had to be done quickly, he had already almost escaped.

I placed my boot on his chest and, grabbing the handle of the hatchet I gave a sharp tug. the man’s neck twisted violently at the force of my pull but the axe head stayed firmly embedded in his skull. Several more attempts yielded the same results and I sank down in the mud and clutched my chest, desperately sucking air. Finally I manage to calm myself and relax slightly. Sure I still had to find a way to drag the body back to the cabin and hide it with the others but the worst of the night was over and for a silver lining, the rain had started to let up.


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