Phantom Limbs

This is the first of a little series I’m gonna do in the form of audio diary transcripts, following the life of a man who has had an accident at work that resulted in the loss of an arm. It’s gonna be a bit sci-fi and each entry will be about 500 words, short and sweet like.


Thursday August 4th 2116

James Dylan’s audio diary:

Phantom Limbs. Thats what they call it when someone like me…an amputee, thinks they can still feel whatever limb they lost as if it were still attached to them. It’s funny but you would have thought after a month after the accident I would have got used to the situation, at least somewhat, but every day I still try and reach out to pick something up only to be reminded that my reach is now significantly shorter. There is no real time frame on when the phantom limb feeling will wear off. Doctor says that some people never experience it while others never really get used to it. Still one thing that I can’t get used to is the very real pain I feel when I get up in the mornings, the stump is agony some mornings and I have to almost run to the medicine cabinet to get my shot to ease it off. If it weren’t for Joanna I’m not sure I would be able to keep it together. But enough with the self pity, It’s Mily I feel sorry for, I can’t imagine how she must feel being told her father has had an accident and then finding out he’s lost a blooming arm. She doesn’t like looking at it, and really I can’t blame her. I don’t like looking at it. And Joanna, she has been so good but it must be hard for her now, having to do so much for me. Sometimes I can’t even do up by fudging fly without her help.

I have an evaluation at work today. Obviously I won’t be able to go back to the warehouse but my boss says that they will find me a job in the office. I never want to work in an office, stacking boxes wasn’t exactly idea either but it paid the rent and helped feed us who would have thought anyone would miss the idea of manual labour. I was asked if I wanted to press charges…you know, against Phil for the accident but…I just couldn’t god knows it wasn’t his fault, plus he has had such a hard time and he’s trying so hard to give up on the alcohol, I couldn’t do anything that might jeopardise his progress, he’s been sober for months now, or at least he had. Another college told me they suspected he was back on the drink, said they could smell the whiskey on his breath. I hope they were wrong. Anyway better get up and get to that evaluation. If nothing else I am finally able to go outside independently again. Oh one last thing. I had a letter from that Apex Industries company, said they had an opportunity that I might be interested in.  It’s probably just a chance for them to look good with some hiring the disabled scheme but I guess I’ll give them a call later. Whats the worst that could happen right? I’ll mention it to my boss anyway.

James Dylan logged out.


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