Phantom Limbs II

Friday August 5th 2116

James Dylan’s audio diary:

So I called those Apex people yesterday. And like they said they had an opportunity for me but it was not what I had expected. Of course you know about these robotic limbs they make, everyone does, it’s only been the height of controversy since they became commercially available a few years ago. Well Apex is the biggest manufacturer of these limbs in the city, maybe in the world as far as I know any they were inviting me to have one tried and fitted. Of course I was sceptical, they cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands to create and adapt to each person so why would they be offering one out? You can’t remove them after they have been fitted, not without causing serious bodily damage after all. But they said that I could have it for free as part of their drive to raise awareness of the new enterprise to try an ease peoples fears of this new technology. They told me that the procedure is safer than it has ever been and that once I have the limb fitted I would have a lifetime of free service and instant help with any problems I may have with it. They also linked me to a website with thousands of other people who have been injured at work like me, giving testimonies about how Apex had offered to help them to and changed their lives. I was only convinced at last when I was told that within months of having the limb attached my body would be so adapted to it that I could completely come off the pain drugs I was taking to help me cope. A drug Apex produce. Now why would they offer to lose profit like that on a free venture like this unless it was genuine benevolence?

Joanna and I have had a long talk about it. She’s scared naturally. She’s been taken in by all the propaganda on the TV about how people with these limbs attached have become different people, about how they become hooked on the idea of upgrading themselves and all that nonsense but I think I can talk her round. I mean people who had prosthetic legs attached and learned to run in the Olympics never became obsessed with making themselves better did they. My boss said that if I get this new arm attached as well and it works as promised that I could even keep my old job, I mean no use losing a skilled workman when he is fully fit for his job is there. I have a consultation in a week and from the sounds of it if I agree to the surgery I should be able to have the procedure a few days later. All this talk about it has me excited if a little nervous. But I just keep thinking about how everything will go back to normal. Mily be able to look at me again for more than a few seconds without turning away. We can be a family again!

James Dylan logged out.


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