Phantom Limbs III

Tuesday August 9th 2116

James Dylan’s audio diary:

God damn these companies sure as hell can move quickly when they want to. Saturday I signed the consent form for this surgery and a few days later I find myself lying on a bed waiting for the surgery in the morning. I suppose I should really be nervous but the doctor has gone over the procedure with me a hundred time already, he always seems to have time and even though he finds it difficult to give me a layman’s terms version of what will happen he has reassured me every time that there is nothing to worry about. He has done as many of these procedures as he has explained it to me and he has had no complications. Joanna and Mily have just left. I don’t think Mily really understands whats happening but she was actually sat on the bed today and talking quite happily to me like old times. I don’t know what Joanna has told her but I am hoping this could be an omen of good things to come.

On Saturday after I signed the agreement the guys at work took me out and threw me a ‘happy new arm’ party. They’d even had a small collection for me which they insisted I keep even after I had told them all that I was getting the procedure for free. Sentimental bastards. Then we all got drunk and it really hit home how much, even after the accident and I was left…like this, they never made me feel like I was an outsider or like I wasn’t one of them. They really are great guys and I’m just hoping that maybe one day I can pay them back for their support. Phil wasn’t there, at the party, but I guess that was to be expected. Wouldn’t want him around the temptation of the alcohol anyway. No use him falling off the waggon just as I am climbing back on is there. Oh hell, I’m getting all sentimental over them again. Can’t wait to see everyones faces when I get back from this surgery with a new cybernetic arm. Apex even let me chose from a few styles for my new arm, they apologised that they could only offer some of the less flashy options but that was fine by me, I don’t need screwdriver fingers of data jacks in the wrist, all I want is a working limb. I did get to pick one that is made to look like it has a nice wooden finish to it thought so it does look nice. Anyway I had better get off to sleep. Long day tomorrow.

James Dylan logged out.


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