Phantom Limbs IV

Thursday August 11th 2116

James Dylan’s audio diary.

The surgery was a complete success. My doctor told me that there were no complications and that all the my body seems to be responding well to the addition on the wiring into my system. The arm itself has only been attached for a brief while before it needed to have the necessary programming inbuilt into it’s system but the, for want of a better word, plug had been attached. It’s weird looking at the stump now, there is just this metal disc on the end with plastic over the top so that everything stays in place. I should be able to have the limb itself attached later on today and from there I can learn to use my arm again. I’ve been told that it should be a simple case of getting use to having the limb again, like having your arm wake up from falling asleep, not sure how it can be that simple but what do I know really. I was told that the first few nights sleep would be difficult, weird dreams as the system fully integrates with my body. Not to mention that my head is going to have to get used to feeling feedback from the new arm. It’s amazing, the augment will actually send me information if I touch things, I’ll be able to feel almost as well as I could before. The dreams will mostly come from those systems turning on, as well as the information and statistics being wired into my brain. Basically when I sleep I will be getting a layout of how well the arm is preforming, like getting an MOT for a car.

The Doc recommended against me trying to talk to my family when I woke up yesterday as I was still kinda out of it on the anaesthetic and I’m glad he did stop me. At one point I must have woken up and tried to record this log because when I woke up this morning there was a half finished message of me rambling on about colours and all sorts of crazy things, it was hilarious to listen to but I wouldn’t have wanted Mily to see me in thats state. They should be coming by today though to see me and I can’t wait, I may even be able to be a whole man again before they arrive. Oh here comes the Doctors now, gotta go.

James Dylan logged out.


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