Phantom Limbs V

Thursday August 16th 2116

A week later from my surgery and I can honestly say that my life is almost back to normal. That is back to how it was before the accident. I’m back to work and, if anything, even more efficient than I was before. Stacking crates is easy when you only have to feel the strain in one arm and half the time the augment works so well that I hardly need to think before  it is doing what I wanted it to. Yea sometimes it can be a little too fast and I need to concentrate on slowing myself down and sometimes it’s a little too strong but I know how to adjust that and it is no real problem. Mily was a little nervous around it at first but I think she has gotten used to it. It’s like I said, everything is pretty much back to normal. It felt so great to be ably to lie down with her and play with her little dolls or to be able to tuck her into bed and read her a story. And maybe the only thing better, to be able to hold Joanna with both arms and feel her against my skin. The sensors are amazing, I can tell exactly how warm she is, how soft she is, she is still a little put off by the feel of the arm I guess, but she’ll get used to it.

The only real issue that I have had is the dreams. As if the endless dreams of scrolling numbers wasn’t enough, sometimes I get bizarre dreams where I am trapped in some machine and I cant get out. Sometimes I think all I have to help me in these nightmares is the arm, like somehow it is the way out for me and if it was just a bit stronger or a bit better designed then I could break free. I wake up in cold sweats and sometimes I can’t get back to sleep at all. My doctor, he has been so good to me and I hated to ask him for anything else but he was happy to reassure me that the dreams are just teething problems with the interface and the getting use to the situation. The human mind is a fragile thing and it can be effected more than we realise. He’s given me some Hypnocil for the mean time to suppress the dreams and he has told me if they persist then he can make some adjustments to the interface, stop the diagnostics when I sleep and hopefully that’ll help. Apex really have turned my life around. And I can’t thank them enough for this. Anyway I have things I had better get on with so…

James Dylan Logged out.


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