Phantom Limbs VI

Saturday August 18th 2116

I’m not sure how long I will really be keeping this diary up, I mean I have so little to say nowadays, life is all but back to normal. So what is there to say? I started this as a means of coping with the stress and try and balance myself after the accident but now all is well, there is nothing to balance. Even work is back to normal, it’s not a glamorous job but I enjoy the simplicity. Have a nice bit of banter going with the lads about how I’m better at the job than I ever was before, saying maybe they should have ‘convenient’ accidents too. Nothing serious of course.Phil is avoiding me recently, I think he may be back on the bottle, maybe I should talk to him. I mean I have done already but he doesn’t seem to get that it wasn’t his fault. Well it was but I don’t blame him for it, it could have happened to anyone.

Mily’s birthday in a few months. Joanna is already starting to ask her what she wants, bit early but I guess the girl has to have something to looks forward to now, she’s had the shock of seeing her father with one arm after all. While browsing for a few things for her the other night I couldn’t help but see some new speed enhancement for augmented limbs. I don’t get how people get hooked on the idea of adding more to themselves. I mean maybe being as bit faster would be nice but they are just so expensive, who can afford it. Anyway I have other things to worry about. The hypnocil is already an expense that I can’t go without till I get a tune up. I just go through it so fast and sometimes the dreams still don’t stop. Oh well, Doc says that he should be able to at least slow their frequency, but still. A few sleeples nights is a small price to pay for my life being back on track.

James Dylan Logged out.


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