Phantom Limbs IX

Monday 3rd September 2116

So the good news with the bad, I got the job. Yea my boss gave me an advance on my wage and now I have the money I need for a present for Mily. I asked the guys if they wanted to go out for a drink to celebrate though and none of them seemed very keen, in fact most of them didn’t really talk to me at all. I mean I get a little bit of professional jealousy but really I never thought they would be so childish, oh well, their loss. So I went out with the intention of having a drink on my own, just a little well done to myself and I saw, in one of the augment clinics, an upgrade for artificial system which promised a smoother transition into augments. Apparently it can shut down the artificial limbs at night and thus stop them from causing any interference with dreams while keeping a very low level of power just to ensure the arm, leg or whatever will reactivate in the morning. I had to know more and they man at the counter was very informative, said that it didn’t even cost that much, being as how it was quickly becoming an necessity with some people.

And then there is the bad. I went straight home, told Joanna about the upgrade and she lost her mind. Accused me of becoming a technology junkie just like she was worried I would. She said that before long I would be living for the upgrades and that it hadn’t even taken long. That this whole business was going to ruin my life. I tried to defend myself, tell her how the dreams were ruining my life and that was when she smelled the alcohol on my breath. Said I was drunk and that was probably what was causing the dreams. Then she started asking how much more I had been drinking before storming out the house. I was so angry I slammed my fist into the wall, my augmented fist. Needless to say that the wall came off worse. I considered trying to hide the hole but I decided against it. I was so angry though, with her, with my colleagues, and worst of all with myself because I lost control. If Mily had been home to see it, god knows I would have been so ashamed.

James Dylan logged out.


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