Phantom Limbs XII

Saturday 8th September 2116

James Dylan’s audio diary

Well here we are again, waiting for more robotics to be added to my system. Can’t say I’m any less nervous about this than I was about the last time I had this done, turns out that no matter how much electronic crap you have shoved in you you’ll be just as nervous as the first time. Might help if my wife was here for some support but she has made it very clear that she has no intention of helping me through any of this. She took Mily to the park and told me she might stay with a friend tonight. She made it out like I was saying the dreams were her fault. Then again after the last one I’m not so sure that they don’t have anything to do with her. Last night the dream played out as it usually does, the lights, the room, the table, you’ll be sick of hearing this by now. I was stood by Mily’s side, watching her being tortured. The silent screams…then one of the wires, it winds down and wraps around my neck. It tightens, I choke and I am lifted off the floor. The wire has cut off all air, I can’t scream. Nothing. I struggle but it is impossible to get my fingers under the wire as it grows even tighter. My body grows limp and in a last act I look up. Above me, the hub from where all the wires and tools are descending. It’s Joanna’s face. She wears a blank expression, eyes closed and it looks like it has been cut off somehow and attached to the ceiling but somehow still it looks as real and alive as the last time I looked at her. I am still being drawn upwards and as I am moved closer her eyes open. Only there are no eyes there…just more machinery and as her lids slide apart more wires tumble down like vines in a jungle, but with razors instead of leaves. The wires envelop my body and I can feel the agony as the razors dig into my skin, sticking deep into me and even worse they start to feel like they are worming their way even further into me. And then Joanna’s expression changes, from blank to a look of fury that I have learnt all to well these past few days. Her brow furrows and her mouth opens but no words come out. Only one long, angry. Furious scream of fury as the wires around my neck tightens again. Finally, as my body has done before in these dreams, my neck breaks like a smashed glass and I feel my body being lifted away in the wires before I jerk awake.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell Joanna of that one. Couldn’t even stay in the house. I have been wondering the city for a few hours now. As soon as the Apex clinic opened I was there, had to wait a few more hours before I could be prepared for this upgrade. Spent most of that time talking to the clerk about a new set of systems for arm augments they had had in. Took my mind off everything for a while…

James Dylan Logged out.


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