A jaunt through Wonderland.

So I have been reading Alice in Wonderland recently and just thought when I was bored at work, fuck it. why not do a bit of my own take on it? So here you go. as always, unedited.


Slowly and cautiously you open up the small wooden door and, down on all fours, you crawl through it. As you reach through the doorway you can feel grass under our fingers and the light breeze that wafts through brings with it a myriad of sweet smells that drive you on to crawl through the small opening. Even at a crawl it is a squeeze to fit through the doorway and the further through it you go the smaller it seems to be until finally you pull your heel painfully through it and turn to see that what was once a doorway is now nothing more than a knot on a tree no bigger than a pool ball. Ignoring the curiosity that was how you have just crawled through a door that turned out to be a tree you decide that it would be best to decide where upon you were rather than how you thought you got there.

Looking around you discover yourself to have emerged in a bizarre and expansive forest. The sun shines down from above, floating through the trees and illuminating their foliage and making it almost glimmer in shades of green and red, orange blue purple and every other colour you can think of. In fact some for the trees didn’t seem satisfied to be just one colour at all and each branch seemed to be a different colour like an art exhibition that had been created by a committee.

Still more curious was the fact that the trees were so built up and crowded together that they formed a seemingly solid wall of wood that was completely unpassable with the exception of what seemed like a purposely made path of clear grass that lead to the tree from which you had just emerged and nowhere else. Still with no obvious way back that left you with only one way to go so you start to follow the path through the trees.

The path beneath your feet was oddly springy, as if walking across a trampoline and each step bounces you along and you realise this must be what people mean when they say they have a spring in their step. As an experiment you jump but the floor when you land seems no less resilient and you merely bounce back as if you had just taken a normal step, a feeling that was rather disconcerting given how you had expected it to react. Rather than following on with that you concentrate instead on the sweet and somehow warm smell that was still drifting along in the breeze and getting stronger as you followed the pathway.

It was the smell of sugar for sure, almost like a fairground stall or perhaps the bakery when they have just taken a fresh load of pastries out the ovens. It was intoxicating and the more intense the smell the faster you walk until you turn a corner of the makeshift path and emerge in a clearing with a table set up in the middle. The table is covered with a bright purple tablecloth and a spread of the most amazing looking food you have ever seen. There are pastries and buns dripping with icing yes but also pies still steaming warm and jelly that was wobbling on its plate seemingly of its own accord.  Pails of ice cream add to the compliment while a gigantic teapot takes makes the centrepiece with steam flowing from the spout.

It is a sight to behold and the whole clearing is surrounded by huge mushroom talks with bright blue cap with yellow polka dots so bright they almost glow and wrapped around there mushrooms and descending low over the table are lines of silky white bunting with bright and multi-coloured flags hanging down from the strings. Entering the clearing you duck low under several lines of bunting and settle yourself into an armchair that sits at the head of the table. You there is a plate sat before you with everything you would have grabbed to eat and like a starving animal you tuck into it. The sponge cakes are the softest you have ever experienced with jam that runs down your throat and the cherries onto of Belgian buns are the richest perhaps in the whole world. Unable to stop yourself you dive hands first into the nearest pail of ice cream and the chocolate is sweet, rich and milky as it melts in your hands, never too cold.

You gorge yourself until you feel you can eat no more, slumping back in the chair satisfied and feeling the greatest sense of satisfaction. On the verge of napping you look up and see the bunting, fascinating from the way the sun is shining through the plastic flags the light is coloured, raining down on you like through a stained glass window and you trail your eyes along the string until it meets another one, changing to follow that line instead you marvel at the intricate pattern that has been made by all the lines of bunting as they crisscross each other until curiously they all come together to lower to the ground and underneath the cap of a huge mushroom that curiously seems to have no stalk.

Getting up reluctantly from your seat you follow the bunting strings to the mushroom, kneeling to try and get a peek underneath the cap but it is too low down. Curiosity takes you and you grab the bunting strings and give them a small tug. They have very little give in them and you are surprised to find they are actually incredibly taught. You decide that it isn’t a mystery worth following and try to go back to the table for some moor food but the bunting is stuck to your hand. Very stuck. In fact you can’t even open your hand, it’s as if all your fingers have been glued together. You try and pull away from the bunting, leaning back in the grass as you pull against the sticky string and to your horror after a few hard tugs on the string, the string tugs back.

With incredible strength you are pulled forward, losing your footing and crashing down on your belly in the grass there is a pause where you are trying to make sense of what is happening before you are pulled forward through the grass towards the mushroom cap. In a moment of madness you can only think about how you are going to get the grass stains out of your clothes before you are brought back to your predicament by the mushroom cap flipping back and opening up like a huge lid and exposing a deep black hole beneath.

You try to get to your feet and dig your heels into the ground but the force that is pulling you forward just drags you along regardless and you leave three deep gouges in the ground behind you where you heels and your one free hand have sunk deep into the ground, pulling up the emerald grass and revealing deep red soil beneath.

Desperately you look around for anything that could help you and you see he table sinking away from you as your legs descend into the hole. For a moment you see a glint of something metal on the table, a knife for cake cutting but it is far too late for that as your backside drops away into the hole. Looking down you see that the drop is deep with tree roots sticking from the side and the glistening line of bunting disappearing into the dark. But at the bottom of the hole there is movement and something shiny glints up at you. Eight somethings.

As you slide deeper into the hole, dragged by the bunting from which you can’t let go, you manage to reach out and grab a sturdy tree root, temporarily stopping your descent though the pain that tears up your arm is intense and for a moment you could believe that it is about to be torn from the socket. And then there is a voice that filters up the hole towards you. Cold and menacing it is like nails on a chalk board and your blood curdles at the sound off it.

‘Oh don’t fight, you know it’s hopeless. You’re not my first choice of meal but you know we all have to eat.’

You want to scream but you can’t the sounds just don’t come out right and all you can do is gurgle in fear as your arm is once again tugged on. And then whatever it is that spoke moves again, slowly but surely dragging itself up the tunnel towards you. Two long appendages thicker than your arm stretch up out of the darkness towards you with small forked ends to their legs that latch into the red soil and then pull the rest of the creature they belong to forward. These limbs are covered in thick spine like hairs and as the creature below you looms towards toy you see the glistening was eight black round eyes that all stare up at you as the body of the spider comes into view. Its dark brown body filling the entire width of the tunnel and the bunting disappearing beneath it, fed along buy two more, smaller arms.

‘You know what the spider said to the fly? Come into my web. And in you came. You filled yourself up on my little treat and no I get to gorge myself as well. Is that not fair?’

What you thought at one point was a branch sticking from the tunnel wall comes loose in your hands and as you once again start to slide inexorably towards the petrifying creature you look at what you had grabbed to see the light reflecting off a human jawbone, ivory in colour with the teeth still in place. Below you there is the rasp of swords being drawn from their scabbards and you look down to see two fangs, jet black and glistening, unfurl themselves from the spiders mouth and it chittered as the creature reared up above you, your legs sliding underneath it as the mandibles waved back and forth madly.

Finally you find your voice and managed a scream but by the time you had sat down in the chair it was already far too late.

‘I would like to tell you this would be painless…’ said the spider mercilessly ‘but it would be a lie.’ There was cruel mirth in its voice.

Your screams continue to float up the hole and out into the world above right up until the cap of the mushroom slams shut again and you are plunged into darkness, left alone with your own cries and that maddening chittering.



A little slice of Nanowrimo

I’ve been finding it hard to write recently, not that my output was great before but there is just something killing my creative process at the moment. Even the small side projects I work on to stop my writers block have been stunted recently, who know why. Hopefull it doesn’t last too long but in the mean time I thought why not post something this year, so I settled on this little extract from my National Novel Writing Month last year. I didn’t actually enter it into any competition of course but it’s just a good excuse every year to do some writing and Technically the final product is a skeletal draft of a full novel.

Anyway for a little context Hayley here has been trying to escape the monsters of the book and has fallen off the back of a jeep and been knocked out, this is her after she comes around on a dirt road in Belize.

‘She had not been out long before something woke her. Opening her eyes slowly she saw the road in front of her, innocuous as it was it still surprised her for a moment until the events of the day came flooding back to her. She tried to move her arms but the resulting throbbing in her head made her want to throw up and she gave up, lying in the underbrush looking pathetically out before her. She heard the wind in the trees, swaying the leave as it gently sailed along, accompanied by the quiet hooting of an owl somewhere above her.
But that didn’t make sense. The hooting came again and then was joined by barking off in the distance. Hayley went cold. She wanted to move more than ever but she couldn’t then the tree above her shook and the branches rattled off each other. A slow, carnivorous rattle similar to that of a crocodile flowed down to her and Hayley closed her eyes, waiting for the thing to descent on her. She could hear a gentle his and opening here eyes again she saw the black body of a snake similar to the one that had almost attacked Vera, slowly making its way across the path away from her. Whatever it was that was above Hayley made it’s rumbling noise again before springing from the tree and landing on the path before Hayley. Through horrified, open eyes Hayley got her first sight of what it was that had attacked them.
The creature was not quite as large as they had seemed in the dark, it was about five feet tall and very reptilian except for it’s human like arms and it walked with a hunched posture. It’s large eyes were amber and it’s long snout opened and closed to let free a flicking lizard like tongue, revealing large yellow teeth as long as Hayley’s finger and sharp as could be. Blood still oozed slowly from it’s jaws and both of it’s four fingered hands were covered in blood dried to a dark brown colour. It’s scaled body was dark green but the under belly was cream to Hayley’s surprise it wore a tattered loincloth made of some sort of leather as well as a small necklace with more of the carved stone hanging from it, like it had found the cache of artefacts and decided to play dress up. It crouched down next to the snake and cocked it’s head as it looked at it, using it’s thick tail for balance. Hayley was reminded of velociraptors in dinosaur books and films but it was far too large. The snake between it’s feet reared up, ready to strike but the creature didn’t seem afraid, indeed it reached forward to pick the snake up. The snake lunged and sunk it’s teeth into the creatures arm, striking twice and retreating before striking a third time at which point the fangs stuck. The creature stood, though still hunched and looked at the snake closer now, holding it with one arm while the fangs were still stuck in the other, causing the snake to coil slightly.
A tall fin slowly rose up on the creatures head, almost a foot high like a strange mohawk, with bright red flap between the top and the neck. Then the creature bit into the snakes body, cutting it in two with a quick shake of it’s head. The body in it’s hand fell limp while the head stayed resolutely stuck in it’s arm and the creature looked at the head thoughtfully while it’s jaws munched on the chunk of snake it had bitten off. Hayley tried to move, as scared as she was she was fascinated and wanted a better look around the bushes she had buried herself under. This caused a rustling and the creatures head shot up again as it scanned the trees. Hayley held her breath, cursing her inquisitiveness and praying it wouldn’t see her. The creature stood stock still for a moment looking around through narrowed eyes, it’s muscles tensed and Hayley was sure it would soon spring forth and grab her. But then it relaxed and took another bite of the snakes body before dropping the rest and plucking the head from it’s arm. Bright red blood ran from the puncture wounds and the thing lapped at it for a moment before looking at the head and manipulating the fangs. Slowly venom flowed forth from them and the creature held out it’s free hand, allowing the venom to cover it’s claws.
Then came a hooting off in the distance, followed by a sharp bark. The creature raised it’s head and released two barks of it’s own before rapidly srpinting off into the jungle, gone in a second. Hayley let out a sigh as she untensed. Then she passed out again.’

Things that go Bump in the Night. Part 1

‘And Finished’


Robbie sat back triumphantly on the sand and wiped the sweat from his brow, slicking back his long blond hair in the process. Anna, his girlfriend walked over and placed a hand gently on his shoulder while adjusting her own dark, pixie cut hairdo with her other.

‘Well done honey, you stuck some sticks in the ground.’ She said sarcastically

It was true, Robbie had spent the last half an hour since the group had arrived at their campsite hammering some wooden stakes into the ground at intervals, creating a perimeter about fifteen feet around the two tents.

‘Yes, they are sticks in the ground, but once I wrap this string around them, it will create a fence that will stop us wandering off into the desert if we need to move about at night, it will likely be getting quite dark at night.’

‘Well that is what tends to happen at night. The sun goes away!’ came a voice from one of the two tents surrounded by the wooden perimeter. A few seconds later Robbie’s best friend, Kevin appeared from the tent, clutching a pair of beer bottle in one hand and a bottle opener in the other. He was tall but unlike Robbie who was well built, Kevin was scrawny. His short dark hair, like Robbie’s was slicked with sweat and his clothes were slightly too large on his light frame. As He approached Kevin managed to trip on what must have been the only rock they hadn’t cleared from their area and almost managed to fall on his face, barely managing to save himself at the last moment. When he reached his friends, he offered one bottle to Robbie before popping the top off his own and tilting his head back for a big swig. Anna coughed dramatically to gain his attention.

‘And where is mine?’ she asked sweetly

‘You had one when we arrived.’ Replied Kevin as Robbie popped his own bottle and took a swig

‘So, I can’t have one now?’

‘We’re out here for five days sweetie and there is only so much beer.’ Replied Kevin

‘To be fair…’ chimed in Robbie, ‘The cooler will only keep it cold for so long, might as well drink it all tonight or it’ll be warm by morning and warm beer is just gross’

‘Thank you, Baby,’ said Anna, quickly pulling the bottle from Kevin’s hand to little fight and taking a quick swig.

Robbie chuckled and held his hand up to Kevin who helped pull him to his feet.

‘I know you are going to side with your girlfriend Rob, but just remember we have known each other longer’ joked Kevin

‘I know man, but you need to learn to stand up for yourself, can’t just let her push you around cos she’s a woman, now help me with this string would you.’

‘I’ll get it for you’ said Anna, handing the now half-finished bottle of beer back to Kevin and walking off back to the tents.

Robbie started to walk his perimeter again but Kevin watched Anna as she went. Her long-tanned legs climbing up to underneath her white shorts which were cut to show off just enough of her backside to be enticing, her hips swaying slightly as she walked. Kevin felt his temperature rising and decided it best to move on before Robbie saw his looking.

‘So, the rope gets wrapped around the sticks?’ he said as he jogged up to where Robbie was standing staring out into the desert.

‘That’s right, and then if we need to go for a piss or the like during the night then we won’t go too far out else we’ll walk into it, plus if we need to find then tents all we need do is follow the rope around and it’ll pass by the back of them.’ Replied Robbie with a smile

‘It’s genius’

Robbie laughed

‘Thanks, wish I could say I was the one who came up with the idea.’

‘Don’t worry, I didn’t accuse you of having come up with it.’ Laughed Kevin

‘Hey, screw you too’ replied Robbie, giving Kevin a light punch to the shoulder.

The pair laughed and Kevin rubbed his shoulder, hoping that he was exaggerating it enough to hide the fact that it actually had hurt.

Night had started to fall by the time the trio had managed to get their camp fully set up with a small generator running some camping lights and their truck had been unloaded of all their recording equipment which was now placed around their perimeter at various locations to try and get them the best coverage. By the time everything had been finished and a small fire had been set to cook over many more beers had been consumed by all parties, most notably Anna who now was helping Robbie paw over the map while Kevin kept an eye on the sausages and tended the fire, occasionally glancing up at the couple when they weren’t looking.

‘Hey Kev, you’re one hundred percent sure we are in the right place, right?’ called Anna, exaggerating the E sound in his name.

‘Right place right’ chuckled Robbie, quietly repeating what she had said.

‘Shut up’ cried Anna, laughing too.

‘Don’t touch the markers, I’m one hundred, hundred percent sure we are in the right place. I’m the map guy remember!’ replied Kevin

‘Oh, sorry Mr Map Guy’ laughed Anna as she sauntered over to the fire and sat down, rather harder than she had intended, in her chair.

‘Don’t call him that, it’ll just add to his ego’ chuckled Robbie, taking his chair next to Anna rather more gracefully.

‘Well then you can call me Mr Food Guy as I serve up the first plate of hotdogs!’ called Kevin triumphantly as he managed to flip a sausage surprisingly deftly into a bun and passed it to Anna who cheered.

‘Hey Kev, feeding my girl first? Trying to make a move?’ Said Robbie, trying to keep a straight face but failing after a few seconds.

‘Wouldn’t dream of it Rob, I only gave Annie that one because I’d burnt it slightly, but don’t tell her that.’ Replied Kev, managing to get another sausage into a bun and passing it to Rob.

‘Aww Kevvie you’re breaking my heart. You’re really not trying?’ said Anna in a whining tone.

‘I…feel like there is no right way to answer that question’ replied Kevin, laughing

‘Pretty sure that’s the right way to answer it’ replied Rob and the three laughed.

Kevin tried to go three for three on sausage flipping but this time managed to miss his own bun and the sausage padded softly to the floor. His two friends booed as Kevin shrugged and got to his feet, giving the sausage a clumsy kick out of the perimeter, spraying sand up into the air, before carefully skewering a fourth sausage and carefully placing it in his bun before sitting back down with a thump.

‘Always have a spare’ he said with a chuckle.

‘Hey Kev, didn’t you say there was an old ghost story about this place? When we were riding in’

‘Yea there is, there are a bunch to be fair but only a few of them are widely told.’

‘Oh go ahead, tells us a story Kev’ Said Anna who had slipped out of her seat and was now cross legged on the sand by the fire.

‘Right Ok then. Well, you know we are in the middle of the Oregon Trail right? Well not right in the middle of course we would be more along the…’ started Kevin.

‘You can spare us the really nitty gritty details Kev, just get to the gruesome bits.’ Interrupted Robbie who had slipped down to sit beside Anna and placed an arm around her.

‘Right well, there was a group of pilgrims on their travels, maybe about ten or so and when they reach this desert, some of them start getting sick.’ Continued Kevin also slipping sown onto the sand so that his face was partially hidden behind the dancing flames.

‘So a small group of these ten, two guys and a girl in face. They decide they don’t want to get sick and they are going to split off and go back, find another group to travel with as they can’t go ahead with just three.’

‘How were they getting sick? What were their symptoms?’ asked Anna between a sip of beer. Her eyes were starting to glaze a bit as the alcohol started to take a greater toll.

‘It’s a ghost story Anna, I don’t think the clinical details of their illness is the main issue’ laughed Rob pulling her closer to him.

‘Well you don’t know do you’ she replied belligerently.

‘Don’t worry, Annie, it’s not’ chuckled Kevin

‘Spoilers’ muttered Anna as she snuggled closer to Robert.

‘The spoiler is that I’m not going to finish this story if you keep interrupting’ said Kevin with another smile and Rob covered both his and Anna’s mouths with his hands.

‘Thank you, now, where was I? Well these pilgrims, they were trying to head back, and something happened down the road and in short, one of the pilgrims was married to the woman, but he felt that the other man was, essentially, having an affair with his wife. He starts to pull their caravan of course, leading them around in circles so that they could spend more nights out in the desert so that he could have more chances to catch the two being adulterous…’

The duo of Rob and Anna are silent as they curl up together listening to the story being told, letting Kevin get into his grove as he built towards the climax of the story.

‘Finally, the man catches his wife talking with the other man and he loses his temper, attacking his friend and in his blind anger he kills the friend but in doing so his wife is knocked into the fire they had set up for the night. Screaming she runs off into the desert flailing and the man chases after her and to this day it is said that the ghosts of the three prowl the deserts, seeking each other out. The legend even says that everyone and a while a group will be traveling out here and will disappear. Their stuff will be found, but they will be gone.’

There was silence over the group for a small while as Kevin takes a bit from his hotdog. Finally, it is Anna who breaks the silence.

‘So, the guy just sees his wife talking to their friend, goes crazy and kills them both?’ she asked cautiously

‘Well it’s never made clear how they were talking. They may have actually been having an affair, maybe they were just talking about the fact that the husband had gone crazy, leading them around in circles.’ Replied Kevin.

‘And so, a woman was set on fire and decided to run off? Not stop drop and roll?’ Said rob mockingly.

‘It was the 1800’s dude I don’t think they had invented fire safety yet’

‘You’re full of shit’ laughed Anna

‘Well it is a legend, nothing says it has to be true.’ Replied Kevin

‘Well I still don’t get it, what kind of disease do you get in the desert?’ asked Rob

‘Oh shut up’ replied Kevin

The trio laughed and joked with each other for a few more hours, as more beer was drunk and they progressively got crazier. Anna flicked on the radio they had brought and the soft tones of music wafted across the desert around them as they danced under the moon and the stars. It was about one o’clock when they decided they had better turn in. Kevin used his flashlight to give all the recording equipment a final adjustment, making sure the cameras had a good view of the sky before he at last climbed into his tent. Throwing himself down onto his unfolded sleeping bag and passing out without even getting undressed.


Just a quick bit of sci-fi I wrote out of boredom.

Motionless. The only way to describe the wasteland of Braxis. The rolling dunes of the desert were completely without movement. From one side of the horizon to the other one could look an they would see nothing but the barren plains of grey, the desert of Braxis being not covered in sand but ash. Over the centuries since the planet’s core had burst the ash thrown up into the atmosphere had settled and compacted under the harsh winds and heavy rain storms, leaving a solid floor of darkness, leaving it motionless, or all but motionless. Slowly and tentatively something small broke the surface of the ash. A small creature, it’s fur matted and coarse carefully poked it’s head from where it had been hiding beneath the cover of ash and, after many minutes scouting the area. Broke from it’s cover, running a few feet it hid in the shadows provided by the closes dune and went to ground, flattening itself to the floor and watching. Taking it’s time the predator waited, knowing that before long it’s patience would be rewarded. Finally it’s patience was rewarded when something moved, skirting the desert quickly it darted forward before stopping. Sliding forward almost leisurely the predator moved, what it was hunting didn’t matter, only that it was soon to become food. The hunter had learnt after years of life, how to move silently but quickly across the desert and before too long it had closed on it’s prey which was still very much unaware of it’s presence. Staying low the hunter stopped, knowing that even as it closed, one wrong movement would cost it it’s meal. The ash moved minutely before it as it carefully moved again, finally it was close enough, the time to strike was now and with one surge of it’s muscles it burst forward and out of the ash, It’s huge frame exploding from the ash like a breaching whale and it’s jaws scooping up and enveloping the small rodent which hadn’t even realised it was being stalked and which managed a small, pitiful squeal before it disappeared completely into the maw of oblivion.
The Dust Devil lay on the surface of the ash,resting it’s huge frame allowing it’s scales to absorb some small amount of sunlight from the clouded sky as it chewed it’s prey a few times before swallowing. In the distance it watched a as a trio of dust clouds made their way across the desert, the Devil had seen clouds like this before, it didn’t know what caused them but it’s primitive animal intellect told it that it was best to stay away for now. Even if it moved at top speed it was no match for the vehicles on the horizon, but what else it knew was that sooner or later those vehicles would releases softer, slower targets and then maybe it could claim a more significant meals that the one it had just had. Casually the beast turned back to the ash, using it’s ram like nose to crack the surface and then pulled itself underground again. The only sign that it had ever been there being the long thin track left by it’s dorsal spines as it moved, punctuated by one larger crater before the trail continued, turning east and following after the clouds on the horizon.
Heedless of the display of nature that had just occurred the small army jeep sped on across the wasteland, it’s wheels kicking up huge plumes of ash as it did so, causing the bus that followed behind it to need to keep a good distance to it’s left in order for the driver to be able to see where they were going and the same said for the cargo truck behind that, causing the convoy to gouge a wide series of tracks out of the previously perfectly flat ash.

Welcome to Prime Time

One of my favorite kills of Freddy Krueger was where he smashes a girls head into a TV that he has just grown out of, moments before he quips ‘Welcome to prime time, Bitch!’ don’t ask why but I had that in mind for the title of a story so…yea this was basically based around that line alone.

Billy Hanley lay lengthwise across a sofa, his head resting on one arm
rest, his legs dangling over the other. Idly he flicked through the
channels on his TV, bored. The room was dark, the curtains closed so
as to prevent any glare on the screen and the lights switched off. On
one channel a pair of cowboys dodged between rocks as they popped
shots off at each other, on another a heard of animals drank from a
river in Africa, in yet another the news was showing some old woman
receiving some award or another as if it mattered. Billy sighed and
dropped the remote to the floor where it bounced and the channel
flicked back to the wildlife documentary.

Just then the door to the room swung open and a stream of light poured
in, followed by Billy’s mother. Who looked around the darkened room
before finding Billy’s prone form and scowling.

“William Hanley you have spent the whole holiday on that sofa watching
the television, why can’t you go play outside like all the normal
twelve year olds?”

William took a few seconds to even respond, slowly turning his head to
gaze through bored eyes at his mother.

“All the other twelve year olds are at home playing on their games
consoles that their normal parents bought them” he said with a hint of
frustration in his voice.

“Well I pity them I really do, while they lock themselves away,
rotting their brains with their toys you have a chance to have some
real fun and maybe learn something, a chance you consistently

“If you wanted me to have fun you would buy me a console like I asked
for mum!” Billy half yelled at her.

“I am not having this argument with you again William; you can have
one of those toys when you can buy one for yourself.” She turned and
went to leave the room before stopping.

“And keep the lights on while you’re in here wasting away, watching TV
in the dark will ruin your eyes.” And with that she flicked the lights
on and stormed out.

Billy closed his eyes for a few seconds against the harsh new light
that filled the room. His mum had told him a hundred times about
watching the TV in the dark and it was as bullshit then as it was now,
it had done him no harm. He adjusted his position on the sofa and
returned to watching the documentary but was bored within the minute.
Picking up the remote again he started flicking through channels
again. Old movies, reality shows, news and documentaries were all that
was on. TV during the holidays sucked.

Billy was just considering, with a bitter taste afterthought, of
taking his mother’s advice and taking his football out to the back
garden and kicking it again the wall for a while when he noticed
something on the TV screen, A small crack like a brilliant lightning
bolt crashing across the top corner of the screen. Curious Billy
changed the channel a few times and on every channel the mark was
there. Billy’s stomach tightened, if the TV was broken or damaged then
there would be no point in buying a games console, he would have
nothing to play it on. Getting up from the sofa Billy approached the
TV and sank to his knees to examine the crack. It looked to him like a
tear in a piece of paper, a jagged line that almost separated the
corner from the rest of the screen. Billy raised his hand and ran his
finger across the mark, not sure what he expected to feel. To his
horror as he ran his finger down the length of the mark a small piece
of the screen, about the size of his finger nail, came away from the
rest and fell to the floor like a leaf in a breeze.

Billy scrabbled and grabbed the small piece of screen, it was thin as
tracing paper and weighed nothing and held it up to the screen, trying
to piece it back together like a jigsaw but in his panicked state he
only succeeded in knocking off another flake of screen which drifted
away. Billy turned away, planning to call for him mum, maybe she could
fix the TV but his voice caught in his throat. He couldn’t bring
himself to reveal that the TV was broken; he knew he would be blamed
and then his parents would never trust him again. He desperately
turned back to the screen and then noticed something.

Behind the screen, it wasn’t just bright white like he had first
thought, there seemed to be some depth to the screen despite the TV
being flat screen. In fact there seemed to be room behind the screen.
Slowly Billy reached up to the screen, his panic completely replaced
by curiosity. Very carefully he scratched at the corner of the rip in
the screen and pulled away a few inches more of the screen, the
picture that was on the TV continuing to play despite chunks of the
screen being removed, as if the rip wasn’t there at all. The picture
on the screen disappeared from the chunks that Billy scratched away,
turning pitch black and floating away like ash.

As Billy scratched he seemed to fin there was more and more room
behind the screen for his fingers to fit into and before long his
entire hand could pass into the void behind the screen, allowing him
to pull away almost all the screen in one go. Sitting back, the ragged
tatters of screen in his hand Billy looked into the space behind the
screen. It was like a huge empty space behind the TV, the floor was a
polished, shiny white and the walls were so far back and the ceiling
so high they could not be seen, they seemed to fade away into just
pure white.

Billy stared, moving closer and closer trying to see more of what was
behind there, he could see something, small moving squares that
floated freely in the air but they were all too far away to be seen.
Carefully, Billy reached his hand forward; it passed through the empty
screen and into the world behind it. Leaning forward he placed his
palm on the floor, it was solid, it was really there. Billy pulled his
hand back, looked to the door, contemplating again whether to call for
his mother but again something stopped him. He took a deep breath,
looked to the screen, and leaned forward.

He passed his head and shoulders through the screen. Looking about he
found that he was very close to the ground, about as high as a cat
flap. He leaned further in so he could fit his arms through the
screen, placing his hands on the ground he found himself in a weird
position where his upper body was close to the ground where his legs
were almost standing up. Billy wiggled and pulled with his hands,
feebly crawling until he could get him knees through the screen, then
he managed to leopard crawl like a soldier on TV till he managed to
get his legs and feet through.

Standing slowly Billy looked around him. The world seemed to be
exactly how he had seen it. Nothing more than a wide open space that
faded into white rather than blackness. His footfalls made no sound
upon the white floor and despite the emptiness, when he spoke there
was no echo, his voice completely lost in the air. Looking back where
he had come from Billy saw that his TV screen was nothing but a small
opening in the air, floating a few inches off the ground, peering
through it he could see the room he had just left, empty and unmoving
like an image on a CCTV camera, he was looking through the screen back
into the room he had left like one would look through a window.

Looking around again Billy saw that the moving shapes he had seen
before were more screens floating in the void, some the same height as
his own some at head height, some so high in the air he would never be
able to see them. Walking cautiously up to one of these screens he
stooped slightly to see through it. Beyond there was someone’s living
room. A family were lounged around on two sofas arranged around a
coffee table. The first sofa had a rather fat man on it, rapidly
emptying a packet of crisps into his mouth. On the next sofa there was
a woman a lot thinner than the man who threw a worried glance across
at who Billy assumed was her husband. Between them sat a small girl
with dark hair in pigtails who watched the screen intently, clearly
oblivious to her parents.

Billy waved, pulled funny faces and even shouted but they all seemed
unable to see or hear him. Cautiously he reached his hand forward,
expecting to pass through the screen as easily as he had his own but
to his surprise his hand hit something and there was the dull clunk as
his hand hit glass. Billy pushed against the glass with all his
strength but it didn’t seem to move. He knocked hard against the
screen and for a second the girl looked around as if she had heard
something, but then her mother turned and said something to her, Billy
could hear nothing on the other side of the glass, and the girl
returned to intently watching the television.

Billy walked away a bit and paused for thought; he guessed that the
reason he couldn’t be seen or heard was because the people on the
other side of the screen were watching the TV, not what was behind it.
He guessed that they hadn’t pulled their screen away like he had and
could not see through like he had. He wondered if the girl would have
so willingly clambered through the screen to this world like he had.
But then he saw another screen, this one at perfect head height for
him and he bound over to it.

As Billy ran along towards the new screen he was vaguely aware of a
sound, very quiet as if it was in the distance, it sounded a bit like
wind rushing along far away. But he dismissed it as nothing so interested was he in seeing through more screens.


When Billy reached the next screen he peered through and saw another rather large man, this one though was somewhat younger, sat very close to the TV and he had a games controller in his hand. He was rocking back and forward with the motions he was making on the controller and he had a microphone almost in his mouth. Suddenly the man threw his controller to the floor and screamed something into the microphone. Billy couldn’t hear what the man had shouted but by the look on his face he could tell it wasn’t something good. Probably something full of abuse and swear words. Billy moved on from this screen and wandered around, looking through as many screens as he could find.

Through the next one he checked he saw an old woman stood doing the ironing, occasionally looking up and staring out at Billy, not seeing him like everyone else. Another screen had a pair of children fighting to sit closer to the screen, while a mother walked around in the background, carrying a baby and talking on her phone. The children looked to be trying their hardest to fit through the screen like billy had but they also hadn’t removed their screen so they wouldn’t be able to. Billy smiled to himself when he thought this as if he had been so clever to be the only person to figure this out.

The next screen that Billy came to had a woman in front of it doing exercises, Billy couldn’t help but find her pretty and the figure hugging outfit she had on was far from covering, billy sat and watched he going for a while, partly wishing he could push through the screen and get to her but more just enjoying the voyeurism of the situation. Finally Billy pulled himself away and looked about for another window. He noticed however as he glanced around that the world seemed to have gotten significantly darker, something he had not notices as he had been running around. Indeed, where it had once been a brilliant white in colour it was now rather a drab grey. Also the rushing sound he had heard before had grown louder rather than abated and seemed to be coming from all around him.

Billy decided it was time to leave this new world he had discovered and get back to his screen. Looking around he saw how many screens there were surrounding him each with people he didn’t recognise and none of them showing his own home. Running Billy looked this way and that, up and down, everywhere he could think of but the world was so vast and the screens so numerous he couldn’t imagine finding his own. Worse the noise had grown louder still and the ground was now not just grew but seemed to be moving around. It looked like a thousand ants ruching beneath his feet. It looked like static.

Billy was in full panic, his heart beating in his chest, he saw the pretty lady doing exercise again, the family, the old woman, he saw people he didn’t recognise, a woman sat on her own, a guy asleep on a sofa. Billy started yelling but nobody could hear him. There were no distinguishing features of the world at all, Billy was lost, he didn’t know how far he had walked, and he didn’t know if he was even going in the right direction. Every time he saw a smiling face through a screen they looked to be leering at him, every laugh he saw was directed at him.

Then finally Billy saw it, he saw his sofa through a distant screen, it was far off but he would recognise it anywhere. He started to run as fast as he could towards it. He feet beating off the ground and his breath coming in ragged gasps. As he drew close he saw something move on his screen, his mother had walked into the room. Billy called as loud as he could but she still could not hear him. His heart leapt to see her, he was almost home safely. But then his heart sank. His mother had tuned to face the screen and she was holding the remote in her hand. Billy could imagine what she would be saying to herself. Complaining he had left the TV on again. Billy screamed and cried and shouted for her to stop. He was so close now. He slid down on his knees, hoping to slide through the screen but just as he drew within feet of the screen his mother pressed the button and all of a sudden the screen was black.

Billy hit the screen with his knees and heard that dull thunk of something hitting glass. He screamed and beat his fists off the screen but to no avail. His cried did nothing and eventually his fists started to slip in the blood they were leaving he had been pounding away for so long but finally in the end Billy’s tears were lost to the sound of static.

Arsenic on the Rocks

Here is just a short scrips i wrote back in uni, didn’t have a whole lot of use for it but i guess I’ll post it here where someone might read it…

A surly looking man stands outside the pub on his own, he
looks at the pub then back up the street before entering.
The lights in the pub are dark leaving the patrons in the
shadows, the man sits down at the bar, here the lights are
brighter giving the impression that the man is sitting in a
spotlight. The barman turns round to the man with a smile on
his face.
Penny for your thoughts?

Hmm, maybe just a stiff drink then?
I’ll take the strongest thing
you’ve got, and lots of it
The Barman’s smile grows wider
A man enters with a stern look and
plans to drink heavily, I think I’d
pay a fortune for his disaster
Trevor glares at the barman but says nothing
And that’s a look that could kill,
now I’m really interested
Trevor continues to glare and remains silent
So what is it that motivated you
into this fine drinking
establishment today/
The Barman chuckles, not put off by Trevor’s reluctance to
That much is obvious but everyone
has a reason to drink.
You’re alone so I doubt you’re here
just to drink socially, maybe
you’re in need for some liquid

Now what would a strong young man
like you be looking for courage
Trevor’s face darkens and he looks down at the bar
A simple motivation is ever there
was one, but not always the easiest
to accomplish
Trevor remains silent and the bar man pulls out three shot
glasses, turning away from Trevor he begins pouring drinks.
you know what they say, he who
seeks revenge must dig two graves
Two graves? Yea, one for him and
one for…
The Barman stops pouring drinks and turns back to Trevor, the
smile on his face growing larger but containing no warmth,
more of a smirk that complimented the dark atmosphere of the
rest of the Pub, he cuts Trevor off before he can finish
There is a long pause
Now I know where I recognized that
look on your face before, I have
seen many people wearing it
Trevor glares at the barman with renewed vigor
And what the fuck would you know
about it? Just give me my god
damned drink!
As you wish, for a man scorned to
drink by his love…
The barman turns around and then back wit three shot glasses
which he lays out in a line in front of Trevor
Arsenic on the rocks
Trevor is silent again
You know if people who set out
looking to get revenge rarely get
what they want and I see it even
less likely to happen in your
Why the fuck should I listen to
you? Just leave me with my drink
Trevor reaches for his first shot but just before he can pick
it up the barman snatches it up from the bar and examines the
I always found there were three
steps to self destruction, that
being the more likely outcome of
looking for revenge. The first is
to become obsessed with something
you cant change
Will you just shut up and leave me
But we’re having such a riveting
discussion. Now tell me, this girl
who has destroyed you so, what was
she like?
Trevor looks down at the bar again and grips his head in his
Was she beautiful? Smart? Kind? Did
she make you feel like this world
wasn’t such a dark, unforgiving
Was she good in bed? Did she moan
in pleasure at your very touch? Or
did she scream?
The barman’s smile grows even colder
She was everything to me OK? She
was perfect, she was all I wanted
in the entire fucking world and she
Trevor’s voice breaks a little
Why the fuck do you care?
So she left you and now you feel
like there is nothing left in the
world for you. You let one person
take everything you had.
She was my everything, she…
The barman cuts Trevor off again
So before her you had nothing?
Nothing at all? She gave you
clothes and a house and everything?
Why are you being so fucking
I’m not, you’re the one who
believes one woman took everything
from him
Not fucking literally
Then what did you have before she
came along?
I had some shitty little job with
no potential, earning just enough
money to pay the rent and my social
circle included me and my brother.
So you had your brother then, and
you have a place where you live, I
wouldn’t consider that nothing
I don’t want that, I want her
But she’s gone and if you keep
living in the past like that your
just waiting for the grave
I might as well be dead
Your wishing yourself dead over one
person? What would that achieve?
Trevor grabs the first shot in the line and downs it
Nothing, that’s why I want revenge
Now that’s something else that I’ve
been wondering about, you want
revenge on her, I assume that she
ran off with someone else
Trevor ignores the question
Oh your not going to give me the
silent treatment again
Trevor looks around the pub and then back down at the bar,
anywhere but at the barman
I’ll take that as a yes, well OK
then, now if obsessing over
something is the first step to self
destruction then this is the second
Trevor looks up at the barman again with a look of strain on
his face
I told you, three steps to self
destruction, obsessing over
something and now hate towards
others because of something
Trevor shakes his head
And what’s the third?
The barman chuckles again
That come later
Whatever, but if you knew my story
you wouldn’t say I was hating him
without reason
I don’t think I said that to start
… Whatever, you’d hate this guy
if you met him anyway.
That’s quite possible, so what
I still don’t know why you care
And I don’t know why you are so
bitter at this guy. So you show me
yours and I’ll show you mine
There is no winning with you is
The Barman just smiles and waits for Trevor to continue
This guy that she left me for… he
is just such an asshole, some
muscle bound moron who was given
everything in life and earned
nothing. The same type of dick we
all know and hate.
An old school friend of yours then?
No. Why would you think that?
Well you seem to know so much about
him, I assumed that you must have
known him a while so that you
weren’t just talking out of
… No I don’t know him like that
Well if you don’t know him that
well then how can you assume all
this about him
We all know the type and that’s
just how they are
So he is a, what was your phrasing?
Asshole, just because other people
like him are like that
You never met him, he was the cocky
type who look down on everyone and
only acted for himself
The barman chuckles again and shakes his head before talking
OK then, we’ll assume that this guy
is how you describe him. You sound
like you’ve met many people like
this, do you hate all of them this
No I don’t hate all of them like
this, but not all of them stole her
from me
Stole her? Well then surely you
should report this as a kidnapping,
grab your sword sir knight and
chase off after her
Trevor clearly getting angry now
You know what I mean, she dropped
him for me because of him, in my
opinion that’s his fault
So what exactly happened when she
left you then?
What happened? I’ll tell you
Trevor is sat at his desk doing work when a woman walks into
his cubicle
Hey Trevor, can we talk for a
Trevor looks up from his work and smiles when he see Stacy
Sure we can talk, what’s up?
Well, this isn’t easy to tell you
but I’ve got to do it
Trevor starts to look worried
What’s up Stacy? What do you need
to tell me?
Look I’ve been feeling foe a few
weeks that this relationship isn’t
working out for me and I think we
should just be friends
… What do you mean this isn’t
working out? I don’t understand
Well I just think that this isn’t
going to work out, I just don’t
think we go together that well
But how can you say that?
Everything has been going great,
what brought this on?
I told you, I’ve been feeling for
weeks that this isn’t working, and
that’s partly why, you don’t listen
to me
Don’t listen? I listen to
everything you tell me, how can you
say that?
It’s not just that, you just…
don’t excite me like you used to
and I feel that this isn’t going to
So… you’re just bored of me?
That’s why your ending this?
Its not like that, its just…
Another man walks up behind Stacy and puts his arms round her
and kisses her on the neck.
Hey Babe, how are you doing today?
Chris, this isn’t the time
Chris talks in a childish manner with a massive smile on his
What do you mean? You don’t wanna
be together at work?
There is a pause and Stacy gestures towards Trevor with her
Oh… is this the guy? Oh right…
Stacy shakes her head and looks apologetic
Trevor, I’m sorry but, at least I
told you
Stacy walks of and Chris stands there looking awkward for a
few moments
I guess you weren’t meant to see
that… sorry man, but chin up,
worse things happen.
Chris gives a fake smile and walks off, leaving Trevor sat
there looking as if he is about to cry
Trevor sits at the bar with his head in his hands after
telling his story, after a moments pause he picks up his
second shot and downs it.
He does sound like a quite
unpleasant character
Trevor looks up at the barman, rubbing his now red eyes
This mean you actually agree with
The Barman smiles again
Not at all, I don’t believe you at
all that he ‘stole’ anything from
you at all, it just sounds like
this, Stacy, was seeing this guy
behind your back and decided to
finish it with you
But she was seeing me first, and he
probably told her to do that
And you know that for sure?
No but…
So he stole nothing, its her fault,
not his, she’s the one you should
Yea but she made me happy, and he
ruined it
But she could have been carrying on
like this for a long time, you
would have preferred to have lived
in ignorance of that?
It would have been better than
feeling like this
The smile finally leaves the face of the barman as he shakes
his head
That may be the stupidest thing you
have said since entering this bar.
Trevor finally snaps, standing up he pulls out a revolver
from inside his jacket and points it at the barman
I’ve had enough of this, who the
fuck are you to talk to me about
this and call me stupid?
The smile returns to the face of the barman and he stands
there unfazed by being threatened with a gun
I was wondering when you were going
to get that out, you’ve been
fingering it since you entered
SHUT UP! I swear I will put a
bullet through your fucking head
And what will that do? Will killing
me make you feel better will it
take back all the mean words?
No but it’ll shut you up at last
And then where do you go? Over to
Stacy’s house where she is probably
lying with Chris right now?
What will you do? You’ll shoot them
both? Will seeing him lying there
make her yours again?
No but…
And will you sit there then,
holding her body happy that she is
finally back with you?
Stop it…
You don’t like that do you? No, so
just put the gun down on the bar
and you can walk out.
Trevor stands there, uncertain of himself he lowers the gun
but continues to hold it.
I just…
You want her back, but violence
doesn’t make that happen, if you
turn to violence then all you do is
destroy yourself
Is that the last step? Violence?
The final step of self destruction?
Yea its something like that
Trevor stands there for a few moments in silence, looking at
the ground before turning back to the barman
… I think your right, I think I
just need to go and think this
Trevor looks at the bar and at the last shot, he reaches for
it for a second but then holds himself back
Just before I leave… why do you
care? Why keep talking to me?
The barman’s smile once again turns dark, almost to a sneer.
Why do I care? I don’t really, it
was a slow day and I was bored
You were bored?
Trevor starts to glare at the barman again
You were bored! I was sat here
baring my soul to you and you were
fucking with me? What the fuck is
wrong with you?
Trevor points the gun at the barman again
All you wanted to do was fuck with
my feelings, you’ve been playing
with me the entire time.
The barman continues to smile and again is unfazed by the gun
as Trevor snatches up the last shot off the bar and downs it
You know what I’m going to do, I’m
going to go to her house and I’m
going to put this gun in her mouth
and make her beg for forgiveness
from me
She’s going to beg with a gun in
her mouth?
Trevor starts to sway on the spot slightly
And then I’m going to find him and
I’m going to make him do the same
I don’t think you get that its hard
to beg with…
AND THEN I’m going to come back
here and I’m going to show you the
blood on this gun and you will know
that I did it
Trevor drops the shot glass which smashes on the floor
I hope your going to clean that up
And before I kill you, do you know
what I’m going to make you do?
I really don’t care to be honest, I
guess I’ll just find out when you
get back
The Barman turns his back on Trevor and starts to busy
himself with the bottle behind the bar
Trevor turns to storm out of the bar, he stumbles a few steps
before falling to the ground dead. The barman turns around
and leans on the bar, looking at Trevor’s body
I guess I was wrong about him
destroying himself then…

750 words.

The city of Indus, one of the largest cities left in the world. A sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers rising so high that, from the ground, the sky couldn’t be seen save for a few select spaces. The city had prospered greatly from the introduction of the ‘sharing of information act.’ a law passed that gave the police the right keep record any information they wanted from the populace of the city. At first the act faced extreme opposition but as the poverty rate increased so did the crime rate. Eventually the masses turned in favour of the more right wing political parties. By the time the act was finally initiated, the right wing parties had won office by a landslide victory. At first the results seemed to be in favour of the act. The crime rate plummeted as more and more criminals were apprehended thanks to the easy access of the information that helped to bring them to justice.

Eventually however the results started to slow. Be it because of the lack of criminals or of people entering the city but the act again seemed to be losing favour and there were talks of votes to remove it from usage. With the chance of their master key idea being removed, the right wing parties had to find a new way to ensure their stay in government. They decided that they only way they could keep their stay was through money and as such they started to sell the information that the police were gathering to any company that wanted to buy it and with a little side dealing, most of the police force was also added to their payroll.

As the information leaked companies became more and more successful at targeting their adverts at people. The increased income allowed more information to be bought which again boosted the companies’ profits which in turn helped to lace the government’s pockets. It wasn’t just the businesses that benefited though, it became easier and easier for people to find what they wanted. With just a few simple clicks on their computer they could have almost anything they wanted and there would always be a market for what they wanted as companies could tailor their products to the people who wanted them by simply monitoring what the people were talking about on social media sites, blogs and other internet sources. Eventually the people became lazy, contented with their lives and being, what seemed to them, to be pampered. Why complain when anything you want could be yours for a price and with such ease? When the time came for another election the only people who turned up were the people being paid to do so.

Within a few simple years a political party had used standard information about the people to earn enough money to buy the city. Most rival political parties were gone within a year, fading out to the sound of apathy. Now, with the entire city under the control, the government gave up their pretences of being there for the people, they sat back in their chairs letting the money sweep in and protecting only their own interests. The police started to sell their information, not just to businesses but to anyone who could afford to pay their prices. Suddenly identity theft was on the rise. People could lose everything in a night whilst anyone with the money could change identities like changing clothes. As the police started to become more corrupt the crime rate started to climb. As the upper echelons of society started to weigh down on the lower classes more and more people started to turn to crime to try and scrape a living for themselves and their families.

Those rich enough to keep their heads above the rising poverty level flocked to the upper levels of the city, the skyscrapers and the high rise apartments were filled with the super-rich, those still lucky enough to be on the governments pay role and anyone with enough political leverage to get themselves a hand up. The luckiest of all were members of past opposing parties, kept afloat to keep up an appearance of diplomacy in the city, though everyone knew they were nothing but glorified pets being kept as a sign of power.

As the rich rose the poor sank deeper and deeper into the depths of the city. The darkened alleys became rank with criminals. Murderers and thieves, rapists, vandals and all sorts of gangs that fought amongst themselves. There was no worse fate than to live on the streets below the skyline and look upwards towards the shining upper city, knowing that you would never reach there. For once you had fallen down into the heart of the city, there was no way out again.