Where to start on writing

I think that was an apt title for a first post, where do I start? well I Like horror, why shouldn’t I start there? So I have wanted to write since I was in secondary school, it was something I enjoyed doing and even better I could do it in class and the teacher would think I was actually working. I started writing Warhammer 40000 stories, making my own characters and placing them in someone elses world. At that point I didn’t really imagine that i would want to make my own worlds for my characters but as things do, ideas evolve. It wasn’t until I was in university that I decided to focus on my favorite settings, the horror setting. At the moment I am trying to produce an anthology of my own short stories and the progress I somewhat slow. Thats not to say that there is no progress, I have about 12 short stories drafted as is but that is just a fraction of the plan that I have in mind.Now i’m not gonna beat the tired cliche of saying shit like ‘You can join me on my journey through the writing world’ but I will be blogging while I write so you will get an idea at leaast of what i am writing.

Some of these story ideas are somewhat twisted and not many of them have happy outcomes, as in my opinion, the best horror never does. I will publish some of these stories later on or at least extracts, when thwy are more polished that is, but at the moment I will leave this here, is this a good first post? probably not but I’m tired and it is kind of without topic and I hate talking about myself. Next post I will try and have more of a point to make.