Arsenic on the Rocks

Here is just a short scrips i wrote back in uni, didn’t have a whole lot of use for it but i guess I’ll post it here where someone might read it…

A surly looking man stands outside the pub on his own, he
looks at the pub then back up the street before entering.
The lights in the pub are dark leaving the patrons in the
shadows, the man sits down at the bar, here the lights are
brighter giving the impression that the man is sitting in a
spotlight. The barman turns round to the man with a smile on
his face.
Penny for your thoughts?

Hmm, maybe just a stiff drink then?
I’ll take the strongest thing
you’ve got, and lots of it
The Barman’s smile grows wider
A man enters with a stern look and
plans to drink heavily, I think I’d
pay a fortune for his disaster
Trevor glares at the barman but says nothing
And that’s a look that could kill,
now I’m really interested
Trevor continues to glare and remains silent
So what is it that motivated you
into this fine drinking
establishment today/
The Barman chuckles, not put off by Trevor’s reluctance to
That much is obvious but everyone
has a reason to drink.
You’re alone so I doubt you’re here
just to drink socially, maybe
you’re in need for some liquid

Now what would a strong young man
like you be looking for courage
Trevor’s face darkens and he looks down at the bar
A simple motivation is ever there
was one, but not always the easiest
to accomplish
Trevor remains silent and the bar man pulls out three shot
glasses, turning away from Trevor he begins pouring drinks.
you know what they say, he who
seeks revenge must dig two graves
Two graves? Yea, one for him and
one for…
The Barman stops pouring drinks and turns back to Trevor, the
smile on his face growing larger but containing no warmth,
more of a smirk that complimented the dark atmosphere of the
rest of the Pub, he cuts Trevor off before he can finish
There is a long pause
Now I know where I recognized that
look on your face before, I have
seen many people wearing it
Trevor glares at the barman with renewed vigor
And what the fuck would you know
about it? Just give me my god
damned drink!
As you wish, for a man scorned to
drink by his love…
The barman turns around and then back wit three shot glasses
which he lays out in a line in front of Trevor
Arsenic on the rocks
Trevor is silent again
You know if people who set out
looking to get revenge rarely get
what they want and I see it even
less likely to happen in your
Why the fuck should I listen to
you? Just leave me with my drink
Trevor reaches for his first shot but just before he can pick
it up the barman snatches it up from the bar and examines the
I always found there were three
steps to self destruction, that
being the more likely outcome of
looking for revenge. The first is
to become obsessed with something
you cant change
Will you just shut up and leave me
But we’re having such a riveting
discussion. Now tell me, this girl
who has destroyed you so, what was
she like?
Trevor looks down at the bar again and grips his head in his
Was she beautiful? Smart? Kind? Did
she make you feel like this world
wasn’t such a dark, unforgiving
Was she good in bed? Did she moan
in pleasure at your very touch? Or
did she scream?
The barman’s smile grows even colder
She was everything to me OK? She
was perfect, she was all I wanted
in the entire fucking world and she
Trevor’s voice breaks a little
Why the fuck do you care?
So she left you and now you feel
like there is nothing left in the
world for you. You let one person
take everything you had.
She was my everything, she…
The barman cuts Trevor off again
So before her you had nothing?
Nothing at all? She gave you
clothes and a house and everything?
Why are you being so fucking
I’m not, you’re the one who
believes one woman took everything
from him
Not fucking literally
Then what did you have before she
came along?
I had some shitty little job with
no potential, earning just enough
money to pay the rent and my social
circle included me and my brother.
So you had your brother then, and
you have a place where you live, I
wouldn’t consider that nothing
I don’t want that, I want her
But she’s gone and if you keep
living in the past like that your
just waiting for the grave
I might as well be dead
Your wishing yourself dead over one
person? What would that achieve?
Trevor grabs the first shot in the line and downs it
Nothing, that’s why I want revenge
Now that’s something else that I’ve
been wondering about, you want
revenge on her, I assume that she
ran off with someone else
Trevor ignores the question
Oh your not going to give me the
silent treatment again
Trevor looks around the pub and then back down at the bar,
anywhere but at the barman
I’ll take that as a yes, well OK
then, now if obsessing over
something is the first step to self
destruction then this is the second
Trevor looks up at the barman again with a look of strain on
his face
I told you, three steps to self
destruction, obsessing over
something and now hate towards
others because of something
Trevor shakes his head
And what’s the third?
The barman chuckles again
That come later
Whatever, but if you knew my story
you wouldn’t say I was hating him
without reason
I don’t think I said that to start
… Whatever, you’d hate this guy
if you met him anyway.
That’s quite possible, so what
I still don’t know why you care
And I don’t know why you are so
bitter at this guy. So you show me
yours and I’ll show you mine
There is no winning with you is
The Barman just smiles and waits for Trevor to continue
This guy that she left me for… he
is just such an asshole, some
muscle bound moron who was given
everything in life and earned
nothing. The same type of dick we
all know and hate.
An old school friend of yours then?
No. Why would you think that?
Well you seem to know so much about
him, I assumed that you must have
known him a while so that you
weren’t just talking out of
… No I don’t know him like that
Well if you don’t know him that
well then how can you assume all
this about him
We all know the type and that’s
just how they are
So he is a, what was your phrasing?
Asshole, just because other people
like him are like that
You never met him, he was the cocky
type who look down on everyone and
only acted for himself
The barman chuckles again and shakes his head before talking
OK then, we’ll assume that this guy
is how you describe him. You sound
like you’ve met many people like
this, do you hate all of them this
No I don’t hate all of them like
this, but not all of them stole her
from me
Stole her? Well then surely you
should report this as a kidnapping,
grab your sword sir knight and
chase off after her
Trevor clearly getting angry now
You know what I mean, she dropped
him for me because of him, in my
opinion that’s his fault
So what exactly happened when she
left you then?
What happened? I’ll tell you
Trevor is sat at his desk doing work when a woman walks into
his cubicle
Hey Trevor, can we talk for a
Trevor looks up from his work and smiles when he see Stacy
Sure we can talk, what’s up?
Well, this isn’t easy to tell you
but I’ve got to do it
Trevor starts to look worried
What’s up Stacy? What do you need
to tell me?
Look I’ve been feeling foe a few
weeks that this relationship isn’t
working out for me and I think we
should just be friends
… What do you mean this isn’t
working out? I don’t understand
Well I just think that this isn’t
going to work out, I just don’t
think we go together that well
But how can you say that?
Everything has been going great,
what brought this on?
I told you, I’ve been feeling for
weeks that this isn’t working, and
that’s partly why, you don’t listen
to me
Don’t listen? I listen to
everything you tell me, how can you
say that?
It’s not just that, you just…
don’t excite me like you used to
and I feel that this isn’t going to
So… you’re just bored of me?
That’s why your ending this?
Its not like that, its just…
Another man walks up behind Stacy and puts his arms round her
and kisses her on the neck.
Hey Babe, how are you doing today?
Chris, this isn’t the time
Chris talks in a childish manner with a massive smile on his
What do you mean? You don’t wanna
be together at work?
There is a pause and Stacy gestures towards Trevor with her
Oh… is this the guy? Oh right…
Stacy shakes her head and looks apologetic
Trevor, I’m sorry but, at least I
told you
Stacy walks of and Chris stands there looking awkward for a
few moments
I guess you weren’t meant to see
that… sorry man, but chin up,
worse things happen.
Chris gives a fake smile and walks off, leaving Trevor sat
there looking as if he is about to cry
Trevor sits at the bar with his head in his hands after
telling his story, after a moments pause he picks up his
second shot and downs it.
He does sound like a quite
unpleasant character
Trevor looks up at the barman, rubbing his now red eyes
This mean you actually agree with
The Barman smiles again
Not at all, I don’t believe you at
all that he ‘stole’ anything from
you at all, it just sounds like
this, Stacy, was seeing this guy
behind your back and decided to
finish it with you
But she was seeing me first, and he
probably told her to do that
And you know that for sure?
No but…
So he stole nothing, its her fault,
not his, she’s the one you should
Yea but she made me happy, and he
ruined it
But she could have been carrying on
like this for a long time, you
would have preferred to have lived
in ignorance of that?
It would have been better than
feeling like this
The smile finally leaves the face of the barman as he shakes
his head
That may be the stupidest thing you
have said since entering this bar.
Trevor finally snaps, standing up he pulls out a revolver
from inside his jacket and points it at the barman
I’ve had enough of this, who the
fuck are you to talk to me about
this and call me stupid?
The smile returns to the face of the barman and he stands
there unfazed by being threatened with a gun
I was wondering when you were going
to get that out, you’ve been
fingering it since you entered
SHUT UP! I swear I will put a
bullet through your fucking head
And what will that do? Will killing
me make you feel better will it
take back all the mean words?
No but it’ll shut you up at last
And then where do you go? Over to
Stacy’s house where she is probably
lying with Chris right now?
What will you do? You’ll shoot them
both? Will seeing him lying there
make her yours again?
No but…
And will you sit there then,
holding her body happy that she is
finally back with you?
Stop it…
You don’t like that do you? No, so
just put the gun down on the bar
and you can walk out.
Trevor stands there, uncertain of himself he lowers the gun
but continues to hold it.
I just…
You want her back, but violence
doesn’t make that happen, if you
turn to violence then all you do is
destroy yourself
Is that the last step? Violence?
The final step of self destruction?
Yea its something like that
Trevor stands there for a few moments in silence, looking at
the ground before turning back to the barman
… I think your right, I think I
just need to go and think this
Trevor looks at the bar and at the last shot, he reaches for
it for a second but then holds himself back
Just before I leave… why do you
care? Why keep talking to me?
The barman’s smile once again turns dark, almost to a sneer.
Why do I care? I don’t really, it
was a slow day and I was bored
You were bored?
Trevor starts to glare at the barman again
You were bored! I was sat here
baring my soul to you and you were
fucking with me? What the fuck is
wrong with you?
Trevor points the gun at the barman again
All you wanted to do was fuck with
my feelings, you’ve been playing
with me the entire time.
The barman continues to smile and again is unfazed by the gun
as Trevor snatches up the last shot off the bar and downs it
You know what I’m going to do, I’m
going to go to her house and I’m
going to put this gun in her mouth
and make her beg for forgiveness
from me
She’s going to beg with a gun in
her mouth?
Trevor starts to sway on the spot slightly
And then I’m going to find him and
I’m going to make him do the same
I don’t think you get that its hard
to beg with…
AND THEN I’m going to come back
here and I’m going to show you the
blood on this gun and you will know
that I did it
Trevor drops the shot glass which smashes on the floor
I hope your going to clean that up
And before I kill you, do you know
what I’m going to make you do?
I really don’t care to be honest, I
guess I’ll just find out when you
get back
The Barman turns his back on Trevor and starts to busy
himself with the bottle behind the bar
Trevor turns to storm out of the bar, he stumbles a few steps
before falling to the ground dead. The barman turns around
and leans on the bar, looking at Trevor’s body
I guess I was wrong about him
destroying himself then…


750 words.

The city of Indus, one of the largest cities left in the world. A sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers rising so high that, from the ground, the sky couldn’t be seen save for a few select spaces. The city had prospered greatly from the introduction of the ‘sharing of information act.’ a law passed that gave the police the right keep record any information they wanted from the populace of the city. At first the act faced extreme opposition but as the poverty rate increased so did the crime rate. Eventually the masses turned in favour of the more right wing political parties. By the time the act was finally initiated, the right wing parties had won office by a landslide victory. At first the results seemed to be in favour of the act. The crime rate plummeted as more and more criminals were apprehended thanks to the easy access of the information that helped to bring them to justice.

Eventually however the results started to slow. Be it because of the lack of criminals or of people entering the city but the act again seemed to be losing favour and there were talks of votes to remove it from usage. With the chance of their master key idea being removed, the right wing parties had to find a new way to ensure their stay in government. They decided that they only way they could keep their stay was through money and as such they started to sell the information that the police were gathering to any company that wanted to buy it and with a little side dealing, most of the police force was also added to their payroll.

As the information leaked companies became more and more successful at targeting their adverts at people. The increased income allowed more information to be bought which again boosted the companies’ profits which in turn helped to lace the government’s pockets. It wasn’t just the businesses that benefited though, it became easier and easier for people to find what they wanted. With just a few simple clicks on their computer they could have almost anything they wanted and there would always be a market for what they wanted as companies could tailor their products to the people who wanted them by simply monitoring what the people were talking about on social media sites, blogs and other internet sources. Eventually the people became lazy, contented with their lives and being, what seemed to them, to be pampered. Why complain when anything you want could be yours for a price and with such ease? When the time came for another election the only people who turned up were the people being paid to do so.

Within a few simple years a political party had used standard information about the people to earn enough money to buy the city. Most rival political parties were gone within a year, fading out to the sound of apathy. Now, with the entire city under the control, the government gave up their pretences of being there for the people, they sat back in their chairs letting the money sweep in and protecting only their own interests. The police started to sell their information, not just to businesses but to anyone who could afford to pay their prices. Suddenly identity theft was on the rise. People could lose everything in a night whilst anyone with the money could change identities like changing clothes. As the police started to become more corrupt the crime rate started to climb. As the upper echelons of society started to weigh down on the lower classes more and more people started to turn to crime to try and scrape a living for themselves and their families.

Those rich enough to keep their heads above the rising poverty level flocked to the upper levels of the city, the skyscrapers and the high rise apartments were filled with the super-rich, those still lucky enough to be on the governments pay role and anyone with enough political leverage to get themselves a hand up. The luckiest of all were members of past opposing parties, kept afloat to keep up an appearance of diplomacy in the city, though everyone knew they were nothing but glorified pets being kept as a sign of power.

As the rich rose the poor sank deeper and deeper into the depths of the city. The darkened alleys became rank with criminals. Murderers and thieves, rapists, vandals and all sorts of gangs that fought amongst themselves. There was no worse fate than to live on the streets below the skyline and look upwards towards the shining upper city, knowing that you would never reach there. For once you had fallen down into the heart of the city, there was no way out again.

White Wolf

The sun had hardly slipped below the horizon by the time the rain had started, not a heavy downpour by any stretch of the imagination but sufficient enough to provide most of the would-be nightlife pause for thought before ensconcing onto the streets of Southampton. The clouds in the sky made the streets even darker than would be usual for a cold winters night and there were plenty of alleys into which the light failed to stretch more than a few feet. It was in one of these alleys in which Sindrax lurked. Staying just beyond the line of light created by a nearby streetlamp to remain out of view of any passers-by, he intently watched the office building opposite, waiting for his contact to emerge.

Sindrax had arranged the meeting place for the nearby park where he and his contact could exchange information relatively unnoticed and even if someone did spot them they would hardly think anything of them. That was if Sindrax’s associate didn’t ruin everything. However even in life, when Sindrax had still answered to his old name, he had been somewhat paranoid and death had only reassured him that it was better to be overly cautious than too lax. And thus Sindrax had decided that he would follow his contact to the meeting point, allowing him to get there first so that Sindrax could observe his movements and ease his paranoia somewhat.

Though mostly covered by the high buildings that flanked the alley Sindrax was soaked through before anything happened though death had since stopped his feeling the rain or the cold. Even so it was still unpleasant to feel ones clothes clinging to their body and Sindrax’s dark jeans and shirt were doing just that as he stood semi protected in the alley. Finally the doors swung open and a figure stepped out. Sindrax tensed, the figure was a woman, short at about 5’2 and dressed in a black business suit and white shirt with the top button undone. Her hair was platinum blonde, almost white and hung down to her lower back in a ponytail.

Paranoia started to fill Sindrax’s head, he had been expecting a male as his contact, was this just someone who happened to leave the building first? Was she his contact? She was pale enough and had that look that all kindred wore of disconnect and contempt for the world around them, why had he not been told who to expect? And where the hell was his associate? He had said that he was going to survey the area but for all Sindrax knew he had gone off chasing rats.

The woman looked around as if inspecting the environment before starting off down the street. She was heading towards the park for certain. Sindrax closed his eyes, focusing his energy before opening them. The world’s colours seemed to light up, brighter than they could ever really have been. The dark shadows faded away and even the blackened sky seemed to brighten, the moon becoming as the sun was during days that Sindrax would never again see. The few people that were on the street also seemed to light up but unlike the surroundings they seemed to radiate a single light, each one giving off different shades though most of them in hues of blue or purple. Sindrax turned his attention to the retreating form of the woman. Where everyone else’s aura had been mellow shades hers was a deep blood red. She was kindred without a doubt. Sindrax shook his head and the colour faded from the world, making it seem cold and empty, almost monochrome in comparison. He took one last look around for his associate and upon seeing no sign of him cursed under his breath and strolled out into the street and after the woman.

Attired as he was in a black sweater, coat and jeans Sindrax drew little attention from passers-by as he strolled confidently down the street, making sure not to get too close to his target but keeping her within sight. Studying this woman Sindrax decided that dressed like that she was likely a Ventrue, trying to make the world think they were more important than they actually were, Sindrax knew that if his associate hadn’t disappeared he would have spit in disgust. However walking down the street, his eyes fixed on her he couldn’t help but notice the way her thighs swayed and the way her trousers were pulled so tight over her…no he mustn’t get distracted, he had a job to do, a favour he owed to the camarilla.

When they arrived at the park Sindrax broke away from his target and went wide of her while still staying behind, he tailed her all the way to the clearing in which the bandstand where they were supposed to meet stood. Expected her to go and stand by it, Sindrax was annoyed to see she instead stopped just short of the treeline and lurked there looking out over the clearing and keeping the bandstand in sight. Sindrax cursed, she was smarter than he had given her credit for. Pausing for a moment he pondered on what action to follow next, not sure whether to just watch or approach, eventually deciding that she must be his contact and she clearly wasn’t going to make the first move he circled back to behind her and made to announce himself.

Phantom Limbs XVII

Friday 14th September 2116

James Dylan’s Audio Diary

What have I done? The last thing I remember is seeing the bar as I walked down the street. The bar and the bang. What have I done? Where did I get the gun? I was just. I wanted to try and…why did I go in? Why did I order that drink? And now…Phil. The poor man didn’t deserve any of this. His house. It was so sparse. There were bottles strewn about the place. He was as drunk as I was. But he had more sense than I did. He tried to run. Cried for help. He didn’t listed to me. To my mad, drunken ramblings and I go angry. Why couldn’t he just listen? No…I can’t blame him. This is all my fault. What have I done? Now I’m just sat in this house. Alone again. With blood on  my hands. What happened to me? This is a new nightmare. My child is gone. My wife. Phil…they’re all gone. And it’s all my fault. I pushed them away. I pulled the trigger. The police will be after me now. It’s only a matter of time.

What can I do? Or is it too late for everything? Is there anything I can do to make up for the evil I have done? The computer. The automated bank. Maybe one last thing I can do…for Mily…thank god Joanna always insisted on separate bank accounts. There isn’t enough money there to buy Mily that present she wanted. Maybe her grandmother  and mother can scrape the rest together between them. Maybe after everything I can still afford to give her that little house she wanted. Got to move fast. I can hear something moving outside the door. Am I still drunk? No. It’s got to be one of those police hounds. Those mechanical hounds, more machine than I am. But less cold… there. My last deed done. They are definitely outside the house. I can hear it snuffling beneath he door. I guess this is it. Joanna.. Oh Mily. I am so sorry…

James Dylan logged out.

Phantom Limbs XVI

Thursday 13th September 2116

James Dylan’s Audio diary

You know what? What the fuck was I talking about? My fault. How is any of this my fault? My life has been going to fucking hell and I’m sat here crying like a baby because everyone else has fucked everything up for me. Did I ask to me maimed? Did I ask for my bitch of a wife to leave me? Did I not try and explain the horrors I was going through? Did she care? No no no fucking no. What the fuck did I do to deserve this? It’s her fault, and Apex for fitting me with this faulty shit augment! And Phil’s! Yea that fuck started all this. Clumsy drunken arsehole! What the fuck was wrong with him1 getting drunk and then moving that machinery. He should be fired, he should be in jail for what he did. Oh fuck off! Now the anti-auaugment bitch barmaid is giving me the evils. What the fuck does she want? Just because I’m different? Because I’m superior! Well my life is hell bitch! Oh what does this gorilla doorman what?

Now look at me. Lying in the fucking street, people looking at me like I’m some fucking drunk. I’m not drunk! That fucking anti-aug bar. Just hates machine people. Well fuck them. Fuck them all. How did I end up like this? Fucking Phil. Yea…fucking Phil. How about I go and pay fucking Phil a fucking visit. I know where he lives. He can pay me back…for all this misery he has caused. He can pay me back. And explain to my wife. And my child…and to me. Yea…lets go pay Phil a visit.

James Dylan logged out.

Phantom Limbs XV

Gonna try to rapidly get the last few chapters of this story out in the hour I have left before I head to Japan for a month so be ready for a few quick uploads. hopefully the quality won’t tank to hard and i will pretty it all up when I get back.

Thursday 13th September 2116

James Dylan’s Audio Diary

She left me…I think she’s left me. Joanna found out about the upgrade I bought.and then she started shouting. I’m in such a daze, I can hardly remember what she was saying. And then she took Mily, she took her and shouted something about her mother and then she left. Poor Mily was in tears. Her little face was balled up, she was confused. She was afraid. It was like looking into the face I saw so often in my dreams that it’s almost burned into my mind. Now I’m just sat, in this empty house…I don’t know what to do. Where did my life go wrong? I…I’m not even sure I can speak right now.

I know I did wrong here. I know that it is my fault. I should never have gotten the upgrade, never gone to the store but…nobody can understand the trauma! The dreams were nightmares, the sleepless nights. The bins piled high with packs of used 5 hour energy tablets. What was I to do? I needed something to help and, somehow something about getting the implants. It just spoke to me. Every upgrade seemed to help.they silenced the dreams, made the pain go away. Made me a better man at work. Every bit of machinery inside me has made me a better person but each piece has pushed someone else away from me. My family…my coworkers. And now I am the best at my job, I can sleep easy and I am sat alone in my empty house. I can’t stay here. I need to go get some fresh air.

James Dylan logged out.

Phantom Limbs XIV

Well this is the first post in ages. work has really been dragging my morale down and made it hard to get the drive to write but hopefully ic an get back on the waggon and finish this before i go on holiday for a month.


Wednesday 12th September 2116

James Dylan’s Audio Diary

Well here I am again, back in the bar. If there is one good thing to say it’s that the dreams are gone. The good ones and the bad. When I go to sleep I pretty much just shut off, when I wake up it is like no time has passed at all, it’s justs suddenly day. I can’t say I am overly thrilled about that but if it keeps those horrific nightmares away I would have done anything. That brings me back to what I have done. Joanna doesn’t know about the arm upgrade yet. I’m an idiot but I was smart enough to get the same coverings put back on so my arm doesn’t look any different. Still, it feels like she knows. She hardly looks at me anymore. I’m starting to feel my old self again and she just seems to be falling back further away from me. After my first nights sleep when I woke feeling fully rested I tried to give her a hug and she pulled away from me. In 11 years of marriage she has never refused a hug even if she has been busy. I feel like somehow this process of recovering has effected her so badly. All the time I thought it might have been me changing, that somehow it was my fault things were falling apart. What if actually it was her that was changing. All this time I was angry at her but she couldn’t help it, she’s been affected more deeply by this than she can let on, trying to be strong for Mily. I feel like such am imbecile that I didn’t see it before. I need to get home and show her how I can be strong now for all of us, she doesn’t need to anymore.

Work is even starting to progress along again. This upgrade is great. I was never a great typer before, hence all the audio diaries I guess. But now it’s like I hardly need to even be looking at the screen and I can be editing reports and everything else I need to do. This upgrade was a great idea, I’ll be moving up the ladder at rocket speed before long. The old colleagues are still being bitter about everything. They haven’t invited me out recently. Hardly even look at me to tell you the truth. So childish. And after they were so supportive when they thought I was a cripple. Though I guess they showed as much sympathy to Phil as well and nothing was wrong with him. Speaking of I now know Phil is back on the bottle. Poor sod, I would almost feel sympathy but it could be a problem in the company. Can’t have drunks about, we already know they can cause accidents. Anyway, time to go be strong for the family. One more quick drink and then back home we go. I am starting to think that everything might turn out alright.

James Dylan logged out.